[UserScript]WK Smaller Lesson And Review Buttons

Brings back the previous lesson and review buttons. Smaller buttons in the header, instead of the giant picture buttons.
Tried to mimic css instead of using current classes, since they’re likely to be removed. Looks good I think, but may find I missed something when removal does happen.

05/19/20 Added level number to levels button, since @Kumirei’s script I was using broke


Neat. I did the same thing


Have to say, I was a bit surprised I didn’t see a @Kumirei script for it posted already.


I was holding off until the final version. Mine looks literally exactly the same, though, haha


Seconding this. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is now bookmarked on my end. I will try out the new changes and see but the screenshot @Kumirei shared looks clean :star_struck:!


The level number on the level button? A script that is out there, or something of your own?

Thanks so much this is great :+1:

Bless you :pray:

I didn’t make a thread for it because I thought it would be temporary. Never got around to making a thread since realizing it wasn’t

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Installed. Can breathe easier now.

:heart::heart::heart::heart: Thanks! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

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Thank you so much!!!

The side graph reappeared this afternoon :frowning:

Line 18 shows this error: $ not defined

if($(‘.lessonAndReviewButtons’).length == 0){

As I mentioned in the other thread this is not an issue since WK defines the variable for us before the script runs

Meaning no jQuery. Not at home, so can’t verify, but I imagine WaniKani itself includes jQuery.
Any other scripts/extensions installed? Would guess something is stepping on jQuery’s toes.

I may be wrong, but I imagine they opened up the script in Tampermonkey and saw the undefined variable warning

Could be. I forget Tampermonkey shows error messages. I’ve become blind to them.

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Tampermonkey does show errors–that’s how I found it.

I fiddled with Ultimate Timeline and got rid of the vertical graph.

I quite like the new, giant buttons. But it bothers me that the header buttons don’t show unless you scroll down.
So I made a script that always shows the header buttons, if anyone is interested…

Looks like this:


The errors Tampermonkey show are often false positives. (why I tend to block them out) It has no idea what $ is, because in isolation, it doesn’t exist. WaniKani includes jQuery, so when this script gets imported, $ does exist, but Tampermonkey has no way to know that when editing a script.

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if anyone is interested…

Well I certainly am, thank you!! <3

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