[UserScript]WK Smaller Lesson And Review Buttons

Tampermonkey uses ESLint to analyze the code, and ESLint provides a way to tell it that you will use global variables that are defined elsewhere: /* global $ */. This should get rid of any such warnings.


Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for. :smiley:

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Thanks! Those cartoons were really getting on my nerves.

Perfect! Thanks a bunch.

Hi @DaisukeJigen,
could you please implement your script in such a way to maintain compatibility with the “Lesson hover details” script please?
The hover details are currently not showing, because it attempts to match the following CSS selection:
const lessonDashboardItemSelector = ‘a.lessons-and-reviews__lessons-button’;

Thanks in advance

Just pushed an update. Bit kludgey, but should work.

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Thanks, this is working exactly as expected :slight_smile:

Holy balls. I just noticed that review count :scream:

I am… Working on it. I don’t review too much these days, but I do a bit every day


Thanks, maybe this should be merged into @DaisukeJigen?
Because we end up with so many different scripts, it is difficult to manage.


Did those buttons up top always show when scrolling down? Swear they didn’t when I wrote this script…
I could have coded this in a much easier way… Oh well

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Hah! I already fixed it hours ago! Although I did change how it was displayed. To better suit the current header layout I mimicked the forum level badge


They did not, or I missed it too. The script I made also adds new elements. 251446983644938240 Actually, when that other script was posted I had no idea what they were talking about, because I couldn’t replicate it. Maybe it didn’t appear due to another script or style

They did indeed.

Yeah, saw you were planning to change it around. I must have turned it off before you fixed it. Figured I may as well just incorporate it here though, since I liked the look. Though I did override your script with Stylus a bit, so not exactly the same.

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Time flies. Nearly two years since the last update…
Well anyways, moved the Recent Mistakes and Recent Lessons to the top. For any of the 150 of you that installed this, and happen to still have it…
Also removed the Help button, to make a bit more room.


I love this script don’t want to show the recent mistakes/lessons…an options to remove them from being displayed at all?

Not yet. Its on my list to add options. In the meantime, you can comment out lines 48 and 49.

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Options added. Three of them. Show Recent Reviews, Show Recent Unlocks, and Show Level.

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works well just an fyi