[Userscript]: WaniKani Ultimate Timeline


perfect, thanks


I’ve pushed the Framework update to GreasyFork. Go ahead and update your local copy and see if it starts working.


Now the timeline is completely empty for me XD


You mean after the update a few minutes ago?


yeah, the timeline is also blank for me, but it no longer keeps reloading. the progress rings are still working though.


@Sinyaven @Orimazer

Okay. Timeline is still showing data for the sample api keys I’m using.
Could you send me your apikey v2 [here] so I can try it out?


sent. with the hour just ticked over, a single bar for the 29 i have has popped up, but that’s it (i’ll hold off doing it until you’re done testing though)


Oh… hang on. I think I know what’s wrong.


Seems to be working now, thanks!


@Sinyaven @Orimazer

:point_right: [ v7.0.11 ] - Fix removal of items from later levels.


I liked it better when I only had 24 reviews left this evening instead of 156…


thanks for getting all that fixed!


I came here to report the issue, saw it’s fixed already. Nearly gave me a heart attack when it happened.


However this is now happening. Could this be caused by the script?


This one is on us. Looking into it now.


Thank you!


The dashboard is displaying correctly now.




Can you try refreshing?


Still the same I’m afraid.


OH. Just noticed that section is generated by a script.

You’ll need to talk to the script author about that one. It is an easy fix for them.

The CSS styling was using on the id, but has been updated to class.