[Userscript]: WaniKani Ultimate Timeline


Sorry, I ended up missing this before it worked its way off the screen.
Please let me know if you see it again.


Weird, now it’s this bar that has the problem. Wonder if there is some sort of set time interval? (23-24 hours?)


I’ll take a look. Thanks!


:point_right: [ v7.0.9 ] - Fix caching of ‘slice’ radical SVG.
(caused missing Review Detail pop-up)


so i’m just wondering what the ‘apprentice IV’ is…
how many apprentice levels are there before guru??? haha


There are 4 apprentice levels and 2 guru levels. Just 1 of all the others.


cheers for all your scripts btw!!!


is there an option somewhere to stop the “Loading Data…” popup to stop grabbing focus? whenever i open a new tab of the wk homepage to search for something, i get a few letters of characters in, but then the popup grabs focus away from the search box.


The popup should only show up if it takes longer than 1 second to load data from the Wanikani server, which should usually only happen the first time it loads data, or if Wanikani fails to respond. Is this happening frequently??


every time i open the homepage fresh, but not if i refresh an old one


Ahh, it sounds like you are running Wanikani in a privacy mode, or your browser (or a plugin) is configured to clear data when you close the browser. So, it’s having to reload about 10MB of data every time.

Can you disable those settings for www.wanikani.com?


im running in chrome’s standard mode, but i’ll have a dig through the settings to see if there’s that setting


after digging through for a while, i cant find anything. the cookie permissions (for all sites) isn’t set to clear on close. i’ve tried disabling all other scripts i have running on wanikani (leaving just the framework, ultimate timeline and progress plus) and it still persists.
i did play around with it for a while though. contrary to what i had said before, it seems to need to be reloaded on refreshes as well, not just on new tabs. so i started watching the console as i reload the page. about three seconds after the last bar of the “Loading Data…” box completed, a ‘Cleaning out 12 old file(s) from “wkof.file_cache”’ would appear (i use the timeline and progress plus, for reference.). if i refreshed or loaded a new wk in a new tab before it cleared, the timeline and progress rings pop up without loading, not too surprisingly. im not sure if this is new information to you, but it might be helpful.


Are you seeing the “cleaning out 12 old file(s)” every time? If so, maybe you’re not running the latest versions of Timeline and Framework?

Which browser and script manager (e.g. TamperMonkey) are you using?


yeah, it’s consistently those 12 with both scripts running. using only the timeline drops it down to 10, but they’re consistent again and using only progress plus is consistently 11.
im using TamperMonkey
the framework is 1.0.31, the timeline is 7.0.9 and progress plus is 2.0.6
sorry for taking up so much time with this


Would you be willing to do a screen-share so I can look at this interactively? I have a screen-share server I use for business.


sure, lemme know what i’ll need to do :slight_smile:


[link deleted]

Be sure to select “allow control” when asked.


just to check, i don’t need to do anything to remove the sreenshare program now it’s over right?


Correct. You can close it out, uninstall, etc. And delete the downloadable if you want.