[UserScript] WaniKani Old Header

It’s on the dashboard. It’s a shame not to include it though. It was really convenient for simpler script operations to not bother with heavy API requests.

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Lol, thank you, instant install, I don’t even mind the additional batman vibe on my dashboard. :smiley:

I was already thinking of adding a little custom style to get rid of the logo and the colors for the review and lesson buttons but this is even better.

It would be cool if the time level script would work on this one.

You mean the Level Duration script by kumirei?

yup that one

It still works for me.

Edit: oh, and apparently, batman is gone. I will miss him!

Been using this script today…so nice to have this back!

Works perfectly - thank you :heart_eyes:

I forgot I even had this script … until I posted a quick screen shot and someone asked me today how I had the older header…I totally forgot it was a script until I was asked…

Thank you for making this!


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