[UserScript] WaniKani More Hotkeys

大丈夫。Take your time. And がんばろう。

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Actually, hey, in reviews, I just noticed that M edits the Name Note on a radical!

It turns out WaniKani also uses .note-meaning for radical name notes, so it Just Works™.

Can you test if that works in a lesson too?

Good to hear that!

I’ll be happy to test that, but unfortunately right now, all my radicals are in Guru, and also on my second account’s. So I’m running out of radicals to learn. So I’ll have to wait for about 2 to 8 weeks to level up to 33. :sweat_smile: Then I can test your script again specifically for radical.

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Hi! Love the script!



I released 1.4.0, which changes two things:

  • The wrap-up shortcut is now Shift+W and is recognized even when the answer text field is focused.
    • W still works after answering a card, though.
  • A new hotkey, \ (Backslash), to toggle Lightning Mode.

Hello, is this script still operational ?
I just installed it and it seems to me that it is not :pensive:

Anyone knows a way to edit or add new keyboard shorcuts during reviews/lessons in 2024 ?