[UserScript] WaniKani More Hotkeys

great, thanks! yes, it’s more troublesome to click on Show All Information.

  • search

This one is a little hard. I don’t want to add any hotkeys that take you away from the session page, but there’s no search UI on that page, and I’m not interested in creating my own.

right, i forgot you focused on lesson/session only, but why do you actually? why not add this as a shortcut for the dashboard?

  • Kenichi/Kyoko pronunciation

I like your idea of a “play the other audio” shortcut — Shift+J would be pretty good for this.

Shift+J sounds great!

  • Ignore Answer

That script’s Esc or ` hotkey should still work.

right, i forgot that existed, haha.

  • enter answer

I also get pinky strain from reaching to hit Enter

yup, several people have said this, it’s not ideal to stretch your pinky so far every 2 seconds.

Actually i use the auto-commit script now, which automatically hits double enter when you’ve entered a correct response. But it’s not ideal, because it won’t trigger with typing errors, and it always hits enter twice, so you can’t review the card before going on (second enter press), for alternative meanings and so on.

Maybe I’ll expand the ? hotkeys list to have a checkbox for making ; submit answers.

Sounds good, but could you add “.” as another alternative?
“;” is not a top level key in the german standard layout (qwertz),
nor in my nerdy one (Neo2, which has (< or alt) + v for enter, decent alternative).