[Userscript] Wanikani Katakana For Onyomi

As @Harald1 said, the pitch info script only shows info for vocab items. Your screenshot is of a kanji item, so there is nothing wrong in that screenshot. I just tested the two scripts together and didn’t notice any problems.


Ah, my mistake! Thanks :slight_smile:


Think I might’ve just run into one of those combos if you haven’t already, which I was thankfully able to reproduce in extra study for the screenshot (I didn’t think to take a screenshot on the review page with all my scripts enabled, and I straight up forgot when I turned everything but this off to make sure it still happened).

For the item 場, here’s the normal view of the reading information:

And here is the view with only Katakana For Onyomi (and Reorder Omega, for the extra study I used to reach it):

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Hmmmm. I wish I could reproduce this on my browser. I guess there’s some issue with the fact that there’s a kanji in the hint?

Thanks for the report, I’ll look into it.

Edit: Think I found the issue but then I hit the wrong button while doing a live edit in tampermonkey and destroyed my changes right before I was going to test them.

@Xandrez192 new beta version. More changes this time, full script in paste: RE:#6900e687 - aa1f1224

I’ve tested it a bit and it seems to work, but as before I’ll wait a few days to see if anything pops up. Thanks for reporting the issue with the previous beta.