[Userscript] Wanikani Katakana For Onyomi

As @Harald1 said, the pitch info script only shows info for vocab items. Your screenshot is of a kanji item, so there is nothing wrong in that screenshot. I just tested the two scripts together and didn’t notice any problems.


Ah, my mistake! Thanks :slight_smile:


Think I might’ve just run into one of those combos if you haven’t already, which I was thankfully able to reproduce in extra study for the screenshot (I didn’t think to take a screenshot on the review page with all my scripts enabled, and I straight up forgot when I turned everything but this off to make sure it still happened).

For the item 場, here’s the normal view of the reading information:

And here is the view with only Katakana For Onyomi (and Reorder Omega, for the extra study I used to reach it):

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Hmmmm. I wish I could reproduce this on my browser. I guess there’s some issue with the fact that there’s a kanji in the hint?

Thanks for the report, I’ll look into it.

Edit: Think I found the issue but then I hit the wrong button while doing a live edit in tampermonkey and destroyed my changes right before I was going to test them.

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@Xandrez192 new beta version. More changes this time, full script in paste: RE:#6900e687 - aa1f1224

I’ve tested it a bit and it seems to work, but as before I’ll wait a few days to see if anything pops up. Thanks for reporting the issue with the previous beta.


I’ve been using it just fine for a while with compatibility mode off.

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Yeah, somehow it seems to work decently even without compatibility mode on, but I expect there are some issues and I just haven’t noticed.

Doesn’t seem to work consistently anymore after they retired compatibility mode for good. It works sometimes on Review section, doesn’t work at all on Kanji section, seeing a bunch of different errors in the console

The test part of reviews seems to work as well as it always did. Lessons work poorly.

The Kanji section does seem to be entirely broken(although it is at least not crashing the page). I rarely use the non review / non lesson parts of the site, so I hadn’t noticed.

I’ll have a look.

Well, I made a fix for lesson page, although the quiz dropdown is still not showing katakana. Unfortunately, while the script is valid, greasyfork will not accept it due to the script needing to poll for wk to finish loading. As far as I can tell, this is a technical issue on greasyfork, but it is very unclear when, if ever, they are going to fix it.
There’s probably a workaround on my end, but it seems like it would require a lot of refactoring.

Meanwhile, here’s the script paste for those who don’t mind manual updates // ==UserScript== // @name WaniKani Katakana For On'yomi // @author... - b16c3745


New year, new version.

Note that this script now depends on Installing Wanikani Open Framework
Because I hear that javascript developers love including frameworks, and I can at least pretend to try to be professional. (It does actually solve a real problem as well).

The script should now display on’yomi correctly during lessons, although the dropdown during lesson reviews is still wip.


Thanks for this. Just installed and it’s working fine.

Doesn’t work in item pages and listing pages. Perhaps because Wanikani is gradually removing jQuery?

Can you add some more details? For me it works somewhat inconsistently, depending on how you access the page (refresh works, navigating usually doesn’t, because the script doesn’t know when to trigger). This is not great.

But the script also isn’t working at all in lessons and reviews right now. Will take a while to fix, because I didn’t realize there was a preview branch available and the changes are huge.

Apologies for any inconvenience.


Hey @Harald1, it seems the script is no longer working after the last update (Updates to Lessons, Reviews, and Extra Study); at least on lessons. Are you planning to update the script? It’s been a huge help in improving my katakana reading skills.

I refer to the post just above yours.

I need to rewrite at least half the script. It’s going to take a while unfortunately, but hopefully I can get reviews and lessons into a mostly functional state this week. I’ve got some sort of slightly functional code that might work on reviews if you do it right after todays effort.

In the meanwhile, consider emailing hello@wanikani.com and requesting they make this a core feature.


ah, sorry, I somehow mixed up the time of your reply after the last one and the actual time of your post. -.-’
Having to rewrite half of the script sure sounds like a lot of work. >.< おつかれさまでした。
Thanks for the tip with the mail.

Can update that I think I have something that should be 90% of the way there for reviews (and the quiz part of lessons, since they’re the same now), but for lack of kanji in my lesson and review queue (the update hit at a really bad time in regards to my level progress) I’m stalled on progress for today since I can’t test it to figure out the last 10%, or do much in terms of lessons. And tomorrow I will likely be occupied with “real life” events.


Well, after more effort than I want to admit I have a beta version ready.

I basically started over from scratch, so only lessons and reviews are supported. I’ve tested it myself during the day and squashed some bugs, but there’s probably more in there.
Find the beta script here // ==UserScript== // @name WaniKani Katakana For On'yomi // @author... - 229bf6d8
If there are no major issues in 24 hours or so I’ll push it to greasyfork.


  • Removed all support for pages except review/lesson. I intend to reimplement the rest at some point.
  • Switched from watching dom changes to watching events produced by wk and its frameworks, which will hopefully make the script more reliable.

Known issues:

  • The input shakes when inputting on’yomi readings if the final letter is N. Don’t think this is fixable, but it is marginally improved over previous version where you had to type NN (which will not trigger input shaking).
  • If you have more than 100 items in the queue you’ll need to refresh the page after doing about 90 or so, or wk will stop accepting onyomi readings as valid. Will probably try and fix this, but not sure if it needs to be fixed in this version.

Thank you for this! I’ve installed it, but currently I have no lessons or reviews for Kanji. Will have some a little later today.

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