[Userscript] WaniKani Kanji Review Vocabulary List

Although it’s not quite the same thing, be sure to check out the ConfusionGuesser userscript if you haven’t seen it. This one activates upon entering the wrong answer, and I believe it can show visually similar kanji that you might have been thinking of when answering. I mostly do my reviews on the Flaming Durtles app (except for kanji now!), but any time I do reviews through the site, I always appreciate the ConfusionGuesser popping up when I make a mistake.

This one would be outside of my scope to implement because I’ve already learned them. I’d have no way to measure if it’s helping any.

My path to learning these was:

  1. Read lots, so I get general exposure to them. It didn’t help with distinguishing them, but I got a very general feel for their usage. (It’s possible that encountering many verb pairs in WaniKani lessons will have a similar effect to get generally used to them.)

  2. Watch Cure Dolly’s transitivity video. Since I was generally familiar with the verbs, watching this video made distinguishing many (not all) of them unforgettable for me.

Time to brush up on Anki or Kitsun and making sentence cards :wink:

For example, I always get the meaning for 催促 wrong (confuse it with another word, since there as many similar-meaning words learned back to back). So I plan to make an Anki card with the sentence and a screenshot of the video from this Twitter post. Hopefully that will help me properly learn the meaning.