[Userscript] WaniKani hide mnemonics

I think it should automatically update, but if it doesn’t it should be easy to check which version is installed and update if it’s not the newest.

Yes it did. ありがとう!

The script have been updated to work with the SSL version of WaniKani.

I also fixed some minor problems with auto hiding mnemonics if user notes are present while doing reviews.

New version of the script updated, this release contains several updates:

  • Removed support for HTTP now that HTTPS is forced for all users on WaniKani.
  • Fixed so script works on reviewing radicals that are images.
  • Fixed so script works on the learning part of lessons.
  • Got rid of waitForKeyElements in favor for MutationObservers (that is faster script that reacts when changes happens instead of looking for changes on a fixed interval).
Finally there are no bugs at all in the script that I know of. But if you find any please report them to me either here or on github.

An admirable thing to script for us. Some of the mnemonics on WK are things that shouldn’t be visualized.

The download link seems to not be working though. Is it just me?

It seems like userscripts.org went down a while ago and hasn’t come up yet. But I noticed there’s a mirror that can be used. So this script can be found at: http://userscripts-mirror.org/scripts/show/184925

It’d easier to use a custom CSS to remove “aside.additional-info” elements with “display:none”.

If you always want to hide the default mnemonics that might be a good method. But if you want to hide the default mnemonics for some certain entries, or for only those that you have own mnemonics for this script could be useful.

Also “aside.additional-info” doesn’t seem to exist when looking up items (that is outside lesson/review), and I didn’t see it during the first part of lessons either. Maybe it’s only there during the quiz part of lessons and during reviews?

Strangely enough, this seems to work in Safari but not Chrome for me.

This is extremely useful, by the way. Thanks for making it. I only wish the KeitaiWaniKani iOS app supported it.

I really hope one day all my hides aren’t undone or something. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t work on Chrome or for me at least. :’( Such a shame 'cause I would really like something like this.

@Nedeli, could you provide some more details regarding what it is that doesn’t work? I just tested in Chrome 61 on Windows 7 and when doing lessons (I don’t have any reviews at the moment) and it seems to be working fine for me there.

@nibarius Is there anyway to set it so it just hides ALL mnemonics by default? I’m just now wanting this type of script at lv27 & I don’t really want to go back through and click a couple thousand items lol

@Skabahk If you just want to always hide all menmonics you could edit the script slightly. Around line 125 there is the following code:

function isHidden(which)
    return isManuallyHidden(which) || isAutomaticallyHidden(which);

If you change it so that it instead say

function isHidden(which)
    return true;

Then I think all mnemonics should always be hidden, but I haven’t tested it myself so I’m not sure if it will work.

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did it! totally seems to work, thanks!

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