[Userscript] WaniKani Dashboard SRS and Leech Breakdown

I have no idea where I’d put that report since I’m not hosting my own server. Any suggestions?

ah, fair enough! I thought you had a server. My apologies!
Any way to have it run on-demand, on the front-end? Or would that be too intensive? Perhaps a scrollable exhaustive list in a container on the dashboard, like the Critical Items one? With an export button :stuck_out_tongue:

It wouldn’t be too intensive. I wouldn’t want to mess with the dashboard too much though. Even the critical item section only shows ten items or so. So that would only help so much.

What information would you want exported?

Essentially, I’d be keen on a full list of all leeches ordered by how much blood they suck :wink:
Yeah, it’s because the dashboard views are limited that I suggested making the view scrollable if possible.
TBH, if it were just an option in the menu on the top-right I could click on to generate a csv which contains the meaning, reading, level, SRS, leechiness, and ID of each leech, I’d be happy. I don’t actually need it displayed anywhere :thinking:


Hey, thanks for this, mate. It’s good to know someone is maintaining this script. I’m also glad you removed that “App Store” thing link from the menu :slight_smile:

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Amazon Web Services offers free hosting I think? As long as you stay under a certain limit.
Or, you could always self-host. But then of course, there small security concerns.

I think it’s better for everyone using the script that it doesn’t stop working one day because I decide to shut off a server (like what happened with all of hitechbunny’s scripts). That is one of many reasons I chose to use the Open Framework and do everything in JavaScript.


I’m not an expert in JS by any means, but if you wanted to use a server, instead of relying on it to run, couldn’t you try to fetch the status and if it gives an error just catch it and do nothing instead of having it break the entire script?
That is assuming you wanted to use a server, I’m personally happy with the way it is now :slight_smile:

That would depend on what part of the functionality was in the JavaScript versus the server-side code. For example, the old version technically didn’t break the entire script because it would display cached values when the server couldn’t be reached. But that still seems pretty useless to me. :man_shrugging:


I don’t want to use a server. :slight_smile:

Doesnt work, asks for open framework to be installed and yet i have it enabled.

Make sure you have Open Framework first in your list of scripts (check the settings for that script and make sure it’s in position 1).

I’d just create some modal overlay and show the items in questions.

Regarding the script itself, it seems to work. I am just unsure what to do with the information?

It seems I have even 8 leeches in Master. Shouldn’t they unleech at some point? Apparantley I have 66 in Apprentice. So now what do I do with that number?

Never mind i used Adguard extension install instead of Tampermonkey.

Well you can use Self Study and Additional Filters to specifically study your leeches outside of the SRS.

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I feel like I’m resurrecting a dead post but i have to ask, is there a way for me to see my leeches? without doing a self quiz of course, i just want to see them in a list somehow

Edit: ok I can see from the replies that there is no way, so just ignore me. unless you have another script or something that would be great

I never used that part of the original leech script/website, so I didn’t bother rebuilding it into my version. I think somebody else did recreate that part of the old script, but I don’t know what it’s called. I’m sure if you search the forum you’ll find it.

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hi, i have an issue with this script where the totals do not match the breakdown, at least in the guru sectionimage

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Hmm, my numbers match. I wonder if it’s from an item that you did lessons for but were moved to a later level. @rfindley, is there a way to clear the data cache for Open Framework to see if that helps?

that could well be it, i’ve only just started lessons after a leach squashing few months, and there were updates between now and when i started those months

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If that’s the case, it could mean a bug with Open Framework or the API itself. Let’s see what rfindley says about clearing the Open Framework cache.