[Userscript] WaniKani Dashboard SRS and Leech Breakdown

I think it is. I have already burned many leeches, not just one.

I don’t have any other ideas off the top of my head.

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Does clicking on the leech number to display the leeches work for anyone?
Doesn’t work in Safari nor Firefox for me.

That’s not a feature of this script…

Wonk :wink:

Wasn’t it a feature of the original script?
So I tought it should work here aswell:

I only reimplemented the part of the script I cared about, so no that feature isn’t supported here.

I’m not sure I understand the educational value of knowing how many leeches there, but not being able to see a list of them. How is seeing that number helping me to learn?

Seeing an entire list of leeches serves no purpose. If you want to study your leeches, check out my Additional Filters add-on to Self Study. For me, seeing the total number separately helped me quantify if I was getting better or worse. If that doesn’t benefit you then don’t use this script.

I started using the additional filters to work on leeches (with rfindley’s self-study quiz), and that was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for putting in the time to make these scripts.

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@Kumirei This script and your “Woah Burns” script. Nothing important, just wanted to let you know :slightly_smiling_face: And bother you about it not lining up :caught_durtling: Definitely more noticable than the tiny corner on the levels script tho :laughing:


I keep telling myself I’ll do it another day… Yet here I am, glaring at it


Fixed! You can tell your image to stop staring at me now


Sorry for the idiot question - what do the breakdown figures actually mean in Apprentice and Guru boxes please?

Apprentice and Guru consist of 4 and 2 respectively different SRS stages.
Apprentice is what WK calls SRS stages 1-4, Guru is 5-6. Normally they’re shown as just one number, but this script allows you to see all the stages.

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Thanks Kumirei!

And one more question please.

At the moment my Apprentice box shows:


And in the bottom rhs a grey box with 73 - what is this figure?

Thanks again


It’s some kind of leech count. I think it’s better if @seanblue answered this. I don’t actually use the script

This is the number of leeches you have. Which is to say, the number of items you keep getting wrong over and over again and just won’t stick.

The formula used is arbitrary, so it’s mostly useful as a relative metric. If it keeps going up that’s bad. If it goes down that’s good.

Many thanks @seanblue - that makes complete sense now, I’ll start keeping a diary note to see how I do :slight_smile:

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Hi, @seanblue.

Thanks for the script! I do see value in seeing the total number of leeches.

Could you please confirm my understanding of this screenshot, though:

After reading through most of the above, I think I’ve got it right but would like to confirm. Please correct me if anything below is incorrect:

The number 37 (normally shown in gray, but shown in black in the larger font when hovering) is the current number of leeches in the Apprentice bucket.

There are currently 3 leeches in stage 1, 14 in stage 3, and 20 in stage 4 (for a total of 37). This is shown in the tooltip when hovering.

I currently have 99 items total in the Apprentice bucket (stages 1-4). Three in stage 1, 9 in stage 2, 50 in stage 3, and 37 in stage 4. Not related to the script, but as shown on the right by WK when hovering, 3 of the 99 are radicals, 47 are kanji, and 51 are vocabulary.

So all three items in stage 1 are leeches, 14 of 50 in stage 3 are leeches, and 20 of 37 in stage 4 are leeches. In total, about a third (37/99) of the items in my Apprentice bucket are currently leeches (which is a little disheartening but sounds about right! :-).