Userscript to manually set SRS level?

So obviously this is a dangerous ask, but after working on Flaming Durtles for the last few weeks, my recent sync reset about 100 or so items back to the very start of the apprentice level! Is there a userscript to allow manual setting of the SRS level? I just want to put things back where they were before the recent sync, I feel so defeated after losing so much progress!.

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Not that I know of.

Flaming Durtles is no longer being updated and I suggest instead using the successor:

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I think it would be best to check the WaniKani API docs to see if it’s possible to drop an item to a specific level. To my knowledge even auto-passing items is a bit of a hack.

However, if I understand correctly, you’d want your items to be advanced to a specific SRS level, correct? I don’t think you can skip SRS levels without waiting.