[UserScript] Stroke animation for reviews and lessons

Here’s a screencap:

That’s my browser at full height on a 15" retina MBP without standard chrome.

[edit] completed the full review I had (9 items). This display bug happened on the reading screen of 行う plus 来る. Two vocab words, 十六 and 子犬, functioned properly, script did not run on the other two vocabs, 水中 and 用いる. One kanji reading screen, 京,  also registered the script but none of the other two did. Radical was antenna and did not acknowledge script.[/edit]

A few more visual bugs: these are both from lessons, not reviews.
Something about the canvas definitions, maybe? 

Radical is barely visible.

In lesson reviews, the header’s height shrinks too, but not as pronounced.

It works now, thank you! Although, like Zageron, it is a bit fast for me. Is there a way to change the speed? I was looking in the source code but I couldn’t find anything that would. 

Seen and installed for my daily reviews that are to come shortly.
Great idea, I’ll just assume (and hope) that my connection can easily do it.

Now no longer works :frowning: Reviews just show up completely blank, though I’m not sure why.

lindril said... Now no longer works :( Reviews just show up completely blank, though I'm not sure why.
Nevermind, it works again. 

Is there any way to slow down the animation? It’s a bit difficult to see the strokes when it plays so fast.

ValkyrieM said... Is there any way to slow down the animation? It's a bit difficult to see the strokes when it plays so fast.
Yes, edit the userscript to change the line that says "animateWriting(text,'strokeChar',10);" to a higher number.

I have a question for Ethan. Is there any chance you can add a hotkey to repeat the animation as well, in addition to the click?

Is there any way to only enable it for lessons? I have Jitai (The font randomizer in reviews) and sadly these two wonderful userscripts don’t stack so I’m wondering if there is a way to have this only apply to lessons (or reviews, depending on your preferences) it should be doable by editing the script right? Could you tell me how? :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! :+1:t6: I was wondering how to use both Jitai and Nippongrammar together instead of one or the other. Perfect. Will try it out shortly! :smiley:

This usercript looks really neat!
Unfortunately, it does not seem to work at all on my computer. My lesson session never actually starts; I just get the loading screen that never goes away. I have to turn off the script and refresh the browser each time.


Is there anyway to make the text bigger? Also when using Tampermonkey on Google Chrome this script when used with the script “Wanikani Niai Similar Kanji” lessons will not load.

Just found this script randomly. It’s fantastic! Thank you Ethan!
I had to change the speed to 30 because it was too fast. I was worried that I wouldn’t recognize the handwritten kanji but I just tried it out on a small batch and I was still able to recognize them :grin:

I’m glad it still works, I haven’t looked at it for a while.

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Ahh, amazing! Tysm!

One of the dependencies, kanjiSvg.js, was deleted from GreasyFork.

Thanks I’ll look into it.

Edit: Bleugh! grr.

Okay hopefully that will fix the dependency issue. Apparently I ran afoul of GreasyFork’s policy on external scripts by using a rawgit.com url in my dependency. Rawgit is shutting down everything soon anyway so attention here was inevitable.
I have moved the dependency to jsDelivr, which conforms to GreasyFork’s list of whitelisted urls.

If anyone is having issues with this or any of my scripts, let me know.

Just added the script and I think it’s really cool.

Something I would like to personally see, should you update it would be the option to keep the original text but move it to the side, or have both texts side by side centred.

But overall, it’s very useful and convenient.

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Thanks, now that I’m back at it I’m looking at refining most of my scripts, as well as making shortcut keys more visible.