[Userscript] Self-Study Quiz


W00t that is a great way to handle this! Thank you!

Also - any plans to add different sources for reviewing? Maybe like from a csv file or something? :slight_smile:



re: different sources,
I built in the ability for external scripts to load additional items, but I don’t plan to do it myself. If any other scripters want to work on it, I’d be happy to give some insight, though.


Is there anyway to pick or exclude certain items? There are many times where I may know some apprentice items and it wastes time going though them when I want to focus on others.


No. But you can use ctrl + right-arrow to skip items.

You could also ask in the “what do you want now” thread if someone is willing to write an Open Framework filter to select items. Maybe by combining it with the Item Marker script? Or maybe ask @seanblue in his Additional Filters thread if it’s something he wants to add to his filter pack.


@rfindley For 優れる, when I answer with “to excel” for some reason it tells me the answer is slightly off.


Interesting… and for some reason this sounds familiar. I think there was another item that had something goofy going on, though I fixed that one.

Anyway, I’ll check it out in the next day or two.


I wonder if there’s whitespace or something else wrong with the data being returned by the API?


Now that you say that, I think that’s what was wrong the last time. It wasn’t in the API, though… it was in some HTML that I was scraping, which found its way into a database. I think it was on wkstats, though, not a script.