[Userscript] Self-Study Quiz


It was probably just a delayed rendering by Discourse.


Ok thank you, I understand. And thanks for updating the stats site. I appreciate your work! :slight_smile:


I fixed the issue where you can drag the Self-Study Quiz dialog past the top of the window.


Could you implement some kind of anti-pairing?

Which forces if possible that the same item will not be quizzed multiple times in a row?


Maybe sometime down the road. Other than bug fixes, I’m currently staying focused on the next release of the wkstats site (with occasional small improvements to the Open Framework as a result of work I’m doing on the stats site).

Edit: Oh, hey… I just noticed that today is my Wanikaniversary.


Congratulations :tada: :birthday:


This is excellent work @rfindley. It fills a gap in my study with the audio reviews.


Happy Cake Day!


Line 1526

  case 'summary':
                if (quiz.do_requiz) {
                    delete quiz.do_requiz;
                     if (!quiz.original_items) {
                        quiz.original_items = quiz.items;
                        quiz.items = quiz.requiz_items;
                        delete quiz.requiz_items;

What is the purpose of ?
if (!quiz.original_items)
it gets overwritten in the next line anyway


When you finish a quiz, you have the option of starting a new quiz (of all the same items), or re-quizzing on the items you got wrong.

Before starting a re-quiz, it needs to make a backup copy of the full set of items, because it’s going to temporarily overwrite the current quiz set with the list of items you got wrong. And when you’re done with the requiz, you can return to the full set of items by restoring the backup.

items” is the current list of items you’re being quized on… either a full set, or a requiz set.
original items” is a backup copy of the full set that you started out with.
requiz_items” is the list of items you got wrong, which you can choose to requiz yourself on.

The “if” you asked about is saying:
If we don’t yet have a backup copy of the full set, create a backup now, and then set up for a requiz.
If we DO already have a backup, that means we’re already in a requiz, so we don’t want to overwrite our backup (i.e. the full set) with our current “items”, because our current “items” is a requiz set.


Does anyone know of a way to get this or something like it on an apple iPad? Can’t use scripts even with Firefox form the App Store. Curious if there are any apps or a separate webpage that gives a self study quiz.


I just logged on to WaniKani to do some selfstudy, but it doesn’t seem to be working at all. I’ve tried removing the userscript and re-downloading just in case it was a weird glitch, but nothing seems to be fixing it. Anyone have suggestions or reasons to as why it wouldn’t be working at the moment?


Did you follow all of the instructions at the top of this thread and the Open Framework Installation thread (linked in the top-post)?


I have. Other userscripts are working, and Open Framework is running!


Update: It is working if I go to Menu > Open > Self-Study Quiz, but not from the individual level pages.


It only appears on the level pages if you install the Self-Study Hide Info companion script.

(Edit: Or are you saying “Menu > Open > Self-Study Quiz” doesn’t work on the level pages?)


Aha! Installing the Self-Study Hide Info script worked. I must have accidentally deleted that somehow. Silly me. Thank you!!!


Hi @rfindley,

Could you reverse the order of the answers when pressing F1? The order I get the answers are reversed from the order in WK. So if I have the kanji 側 (Side) with 2 user synonyms (Zijde, Kant (Dutch)), and then press F1, I see the answers as Kant, Zijde, Side. Sometimes I add some synonyms to give it more meaning, and I would like to see those last not first. Hope you get what I’m trying to say :slight_smile:


Sure, when I get some time, I’ll add that as an option.
I assumed people would prefer their synonyms over the built-in words, but your explanation also makes sense.

It won’t be full reverse, but rather, built-ins first (in built-in order), followed by synonyms in the order Wanikani reports them. I’m assuming Wanikani reports them in the order they were added.


:point_right: [v3.0.20] - Add option for synonym order in Help hint