[Userscript] Self-Study Quiz

This is the kind of filter I am considering.

I can’t do this with a filter. This kind of convenience requires a modification to the Self Study Quiz interface. This is not my script. I can’t make this modification.

For a use like yours I think there are filters that will do a better job of pinpointing the items you need to study than a blacklist.

One option is to use a leech filter to pinpoint the items that give you trouble. The items you know and won’t forget won’t to show up among your leeches. There is a leech filter in the Additional Filters script that does a good job for this.

Another option is to use a current streak <= filter from the statistics filter set. If you know your item chances are that it undergoes a streak of good answers. If you filter out the items with good streaks you will study items you don’t know well because you have recently failed a review.