[Userscript] Self-Study Quiz

I had disabled other scripts before, hadn’t thought to disable other extensions as well :thinking:
Turns out it was uBlock Origin that, for some reason, only blocked that one option.

Thanks for the help :heart:


Wow, that’s… oddly specific.

Glad you got it working!


is it possible to blacklist items?

I don’t think there is a blacklist function available but I am currently toying with the idea of developing a blacklist filter. I need feedback on what would be the purpose. How do you plan to use the blacklist?

i do study quiz session for Guru+ items every other day or so, and there are a lot of items i know and won’t forget. I would like to blacklist them so they won’t show up in my study quiz session anymore.

a filter where i have to add each item by myself would work (like the item list filter) but it’s a bit tedious.

would be nice to be able to mark an item within a study quiz review session (for either the item list filter or a potential blacklist filter)

This is the kind of filter I am considering.

I can’t do this with a filter. This kind of convenience requires a modification to the Self Study Quiz interface. This is not my script. I can’t make this modification.

For a use like yours I think there are filters that will do a better job of pinpointing the items you need to study than a blacklist.

One option is to use a leech filter to pinpoint the items that give you trouble. The items you know and won’t forget won’t to show up among your leeches. There is a leech filter in the Additional Filters script that does a good job for this.

Another option is to use a current streak <= filter from the statistics filter set. If you know your item chances are that it undergoes a streak of good answers. If you filter out the items with good streaks you will study items you don’t know well because you have recently failed a review.

This won’t work in my case. I don’t have any leeches yet and my accuracy is pretty high because i use self study quiz daily (multiple times). I want to to the exact opposite, i want to get rid of those items i’m pretty confident about.

For items i have or might have trouble with in the future, i currently use the (optional) item list filter in combination with the mark items userscript.

Appreciate the effort tho. With a filter i would have to do 1-2 extra steps but it would work as well.

The leech filter can be used to filter out the items you know well and retain the others. Leeches have values greater than 1.0. A setting lower than 1.0 will exclude the items you master best and retain items that are not leeches but may deserve to be studied.

For your purposes you should try using values less than 1.0. Something like 0.5 could be a good start for a test. You may tune this value until you get a result you are happy with.

This is highly unusual. Under the default threshold of 1.0 every item you have just failed for the first time is marked as a leech. You have items that were failed for the first time, don’t you?

I suggest you give the leech filter a try. I think you don’t have a clear understanding of what it does.

Yep, thats correct. I thought it will only catch items that are in the “Critical Condition Items” list. Played around with it for a sec and it doesn’t do what i need it to do.

To clarify what i actually want to do, i want to select specific items i don’t have any problems with and probably won’t have any problems with in the future and Blacklist them to cut down on review time with Self-Study-Quiz


  • one, two, three etc.
  • one thing, two things etc.
  • monday, tuesday etc.
  • and so on.

Those items for example would overlap with a lot of other items i never got wrong, so i don’t think there is a way to simply filter them out. That’s why i asked for a Blacklist.

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I am working on this kind of filter. I don’t make any promise but I should have something ready by the end of the week.

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@prouleau @Ashikaga,

Here’s a [Blacklist Filter]. I just inverted the logic of my [Item List Filter], which is a whitelist.

It’s not tested, but I only changed three instances of “>=” to “<”, and some labels from “list” to “blacklist”, so it most likely works.

You can read the Item List Filter thread to figure out how the Blacklist works. (Except the items you add are blacklisted instead of whitelisted, obviously)


You should make a thread for it. That will make the filter easier to find with a forum search.

The filter works fine in Item Inspector. This filter is not just for Self Study Quiz. I will add it to the list of optional filters in the next release of Item Inspector.

I will still make my own filter because I plan features not available in this filter:

  • Il will support the traditional radicals item type I plan to add to Item inspector.

  • It will support download of the settings to a file for future upload. This should make life easier for people having more than one black list.