[Userscript] Niai 似合い Visually Similar Kanji

Thanks! The similar kanji come from different sources, you can experiment a bit with the “Original Sources” in the options, when it is enabled it add more kanji that are related by the “logical” relation (like how many strokes must be changed), the “new sources” focus on real visual difference, like how many pixels must be changed to turn one kanji into another.

If you want to focus on differences in for example 誰椎推崔進堆 you can also give my other script Keisei a try, the right-hand side is often helpful for guessing the reading of a kanji as well, and the left-hand side (rather the “real radical”) is related to the meaning of a kanji.

I rather like to see lots of similar kanji to get some inspiration what the future problems will be, but manually editing everything is also an option. There is a “manual database” with score 1.0 though, so even with 0.99 some stuff from me might show up.

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