[Userscript] NHK Easy Practice With WaniKani (or any website that uses ruby)

This is the website I was thinking about. It hasn’t been updated in ages, but there is a ton of content organized by JLPT level.

Also, I just visited a random article on NHK easy an it seems to work for me.

This article here 地震で学校が壊れた高校生 教室を借りた中学校で勉強を教える|NEWS WEB EASY.

Here is a screenshot:

Just to confirm, you are saying all the kanji show furigana?

Also, what browser are you using and what script injection plugin are you using? I looked through our old posts and it looks like we had run into a similar issue a long time ago.

Just because I saw you had been using Firefox in the past with Tampermonkey, I installed Firefox and Tapermonkey, so a fresh install, and it seems to work there for me too.

Looks like last time you got it working by removing the NHK Easy script and reinstalling it. Not sure if that same solution could work this time.

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just did a fresh install for firefox, installed tampermonkey again and nhk script

it asked in a popup the api, I copy paste it but still not fixed.

Also checked editing the script and I dont see the api there anywhere, where is it supposed to be? Maybe it is not being saved there?

So the popup doesn’t save it to the script directly. It is now using Greasemonkey’s built in variable storage instead of hardcoded variables as I had before. This was done by a nice community member who had a better understanding of JavaScript than I.

If the key is missing or invalid, a popup should occur that says “ The WaniKani API Token appears to be invalid. The user script “NHK Easy Practice With WaniKani" will not be loaded.”

Are you able to look at the dubug console for firefox? If you open Firefox’s debug tools, there is a console that should print errors if WaniKani is responding with issues. There also are some log statements that are printed if there are issues with communication.

After you figure that out, can you share what you see? Maybe a screenshot.

Also, if you have an ad blocker that may be blocking the injection scripts, you may want to try disabling that as a test. Sometimes those applications conflict. Although, the fact that you got the pop-up makes me think it is running properly.

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Just wanted to follow up. Is it working now?

I just installed it and it works great! Thanks

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Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it

Seems to be working, Thanks alot!!!

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Thank you for your feedback. I am glad it is working for you as well.