[Userscript] NHK Easy Practice With WaniKani (or any website that uses ruby)

Well, I made NHK a trusted site. But nothing changed. So I shut off the script to check the console and got this:

I haven’t used that extension for very long. So, I can’t say I fully know how it works. ^^;

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Some files on NHK report a forbidden error. I have no clue why but this could interfere with the script when it is turned on.

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I expanded the error message

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Well, I believe NHK Easy actually has some bugs on their website. I have actually seen similar errors to those even without my script.

If you try this webpage NEWS WEB EASY|ワクチンを受けたあと熱が出たら「熱の薬を飲んでもいい」 this is what I see:

I do have similar warnings like yours.

This is how I see it too. These warnings are not related to the script.

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So, what do I do now? :sweat_smile: I might as well also ask @theghostofdenzo: the setting for uBlock Origin…is there something I should be doing to make sure it doesn’t interfere with my scripts? :eyes:

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Give me maybe 5 mins and I am going to make a build just for you. LOL. It will have some error messages to maybe help me figure out what is going on.

Thanks! :grin:

Maybe 5-10 more minutes. LOL. Sorry.

Take your time! Don’t worry. I’m on the forums all the time, so I’ll check back on the thread tomorrow also! ^^

Alright. I just made my debug code. I will give you a link in a 1-2 mins.

if you’ve completely disabled it for the site (greyed out icon), it shouldn’t be doing anything

you could also check the logger in ublock, which should tell you if it’s blocking anything

tbh, I have no idea how tampermonkey and ublock would interact…

(also when you’re bug reporting, saying what OS you’re using and what version of firefox/tampermonkey you have is probably a good shout)

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Thanks for the help. Did you happen to try to script? I am just trying to verify if everyone is having similar issues or just @ekg.

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Here’s the debug version. It should make pop-ups on your screen giving progress as well as print extra lines to the debug console to give progress.


Also oops, I left my API token in the link, but its read only, so, you can test with that too if you like.

I don’t have tampermonkey installed, I’m afraid

I’m far too paranoid for that

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No problem. I understand.

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Also, just like your page, I see similar errors this time. This is what it should look like in the console though after the page finishes talking to WaniKani.

Man, I’ve been thinking about this script for a while. Thanks for making this.

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Yeah. It’s greyed out. Thanks for replying! ^^

Giving this a go…:eyes:


Awesome, I hope you enjoy it.

Also, if you can give some feedback if it works for you, that would be amazing as I am trying to make sure I didn’t miss any major bugs.