[Userscript] Lesson/Review Count in Forums

Looks good. I’ll add it to the next rev.

BTW, does everyone like the light-blue color for when reviews are >0? I copied that color from another bubble somewhere on the site. Wasn’t sure if the blue/white contrast of background an text was good enough, especially with small text size.

The contrast is definitely fine! Especially as it’s the same as what Discourse uses. If you wanna be in keeping with the style of Discourse, though, the CSS is a bit off. You could grab it dynamically from .badge-notification, or do more of a facsimile - on desktop, at least, it’s 11px normal font weight with different padding (4px 5px 2px 5px).

Oh, and there is an official gray color for those bubbles, too, and it probably isn’t #ccc… I’ll see if I can figure out what it is. Edit: Found it; it’s #bdbdbd.

@obskyr, Cool, thanks. I wasn’t sure whether to use the .badge-notification, since I didn’t know if it was a Discourse thing or a WK customization thing. If it’s a WK thing, I’d wait for the design to settle before committing, so the script is less likely to break if they change the class names of things.

Oh yeah, you could just literally use that class, couldn’t you… :sweat_smile: With a supplemental class for the colors, of course.

It’s a Discourse thing. The forum has nearly no customization at all right now - it’s “coming”, says word of god.

This is great, thank you so much! :smile:

Don’t know if I missed a reply to this or if it’s possible, but I would really like this feature as well.
Thank you for your quick work @rfindley!

I saw it. I’ve been looking for a clean way to make it happen. Making a script survive through site changes, and interact well with other scripts, is sort of an extra challenge :slight_smile: .

[EDIT: I found a way, btw… I’m just implementing a settings page now.]

I’m also using the userstyle to make things look like the old forums…
I wonder if a CSS tweak would be easier??

[EDIT: Just saw your edit. Waiting patiently.]

Thank yuuuuu!

All sounds awesome to me.

Oh cool.
I’m fine with that, or if it swapped to WK colours. Either or.
It’s big enough, even though I initially imagined it taking up about as much space as on wanikani.com.
This is really sleek. Thanks @obskyr for the update.

Rock on! : D

I can’t wait to try this when I get home. I’m grabbing a coffee after work before groceries at the moment.
I had only 4 hours of sleep last night…

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4 hours of sleep buddies!

Ooh hope to be updated if you’re able to make @AnimeCanuck’s suggestion work, 'cause I’d like that as well.

*high fives…?*

: D

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[v1.0.2] - Anchor the WaniKani App bar to the top-menu

Now, when you scroll down, the lesson/review counts stay visible at the top.


Fantastic!! Thank you! @rfindley

I needed this like really bad, because I was starting to forget about the studying part of WaniKani. :smiley: Thank you!

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Great script just became even greater. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I noticed that, for me, this update made the top bar cover up the category icon and a few other things. A quick clearing of the cache and refreshing (Ctrl+F5) did the trick and now it looks fantastic!

If it happens again, let me know. There may be a ‘race condition’ that causes my adjustment of the height of the menu to fail occasionally. Hopefully not, but it may be possible.