[Userscript] Highlight Kanji based on WK level in websites

so I haven’t been on here much, first time visiting here in a while and the first thread I see is this one… with a userscript that I have been wanting for a while (or at least something similar to this).

Thank you for making and sharing this script

Great idea! Thank you for implementing it. Very useful script.

Liking the new version, and the ADD and SET additional known kanji commands both work nicely.
Is there any way to add the menu commands to a tree/drop-down? Not a priority issue, just a neatness thing (Firefox’s menu is a lot nicer than Chrome’s). Probably that’s the subject of your BTW.

Request #1 (that counter is ignoring the “Please make this something wild and ambitious” request): Additional category (and a different shade of blue) for SEEN? Perhaps I’m the only one interested in that? If so, maybe just give me some prompts on whether I can get it up an running in the script itself? I’m happy to input new kanji as script edits, so if it’s just me there’s no worry about dialogs, etc.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like I can implement sub-menus! If I could, I would!
I could add that “seen” category, sure. No problem. I might get to it tomorrow.

BTW I updated the script a few hours ago, you can now select text and press ctrl+alt+A to add all the kanji in the selected text as known (it will open the “add known kanji” popup).

New update!

ocac, I’ve implemented “seen” kanji as you requested. They’re colored pink/violet because I think it’s a fitting color: Reddish, because you don’t really know it well, but also blueish, like the additionally added ones. The “seen” color will be used as a last resort, of course - if it’s neither known through levels or manual learning.

There’s also a nice new feature that lets you open an info website for each selected kanji. For example if you were to select “日本語が好き” and perform the command, it’d open the WaniKani kanji pages for 日,本,語,好 - or - if the kanji is not in WK, it uses beta.jisho.org. The website URLs can be changed in the menu.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • ctrl+alt+W: Open info websites for selected kanji
  • ctrl+alt+K: Add (selected) kanji as ‘known’
  • ctrl+alt+S: Add (selected) kanji as ‘seen’

Also, I added a nice screenshot explaining how the script highlights kanji in different colors to the original post.

Hi there,

This looks super awesome :slight_smile:

Is this something that can be made to work by someone (i.e., me) who has zero background in coding?  If not, no problems, just wondering.



Sure, you need zero coding knowledge! The most important thing is being able to install userscripts.
I bet there’s a thread around here teaching how to do that, but I have no idea where so I’ll briefly explain:

If you’re using Firefox, install https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/greasemonkey/
If you’re using Chrome, install https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tampermonkey/dhdgffkkebhmkfjojejmpbldmpobfkfo

After that you should see the add-on icon in the top right corner. Now go to the userscripts website I posted earlier and click on “Install”.
Now you should be able to click on the drop-down menu next to your address bar (the monkey in Firefox) and there’s a submenu containing commands (sorry for the german)

The most important one is the first which allows you to set the current level that you’re on at WaniKani. Whenever you level up you should adjust that.

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Awesome, thank you so much for the information!  I will give it a go :slight_smile:

@looki in work at the moment, so maybe I won’t play with the new script too much…but wow.
For me, that’s a big step towards what I’m dreaming this could be.
I was telling a friend who was asking after my LWT setup ages ago about how you might be able to out-do it if the parsing/vocabulary project could be done and she was very excited. I don’t think it’s just me excited about that. :smiley:

userscripts.org is teasing me today…maybe I should do work. Or homework. Ugh. I just want to see!

@emilykerr or anyone else needing help with this - it really is genuinely user friendly, but I too would be glad to provide any help.

Just came across ve when reading the info page on jisho.org’s beta.
Jisho’s Kim Ahsltrom put it together. Basically, it is MeCab, but somehow more usable. It’s generally interesting (because it works for English too), and might actually be useful:

Couldn’t you have a version that just grabs your WaniKani level automatically, using your API Key, rather than having to manually edit it?

This is pretty cool!
Thank you very much for you effort :slight_smile:

Too bad that http://userscripts.org/ seems to be down.

Thanks ocac, I’ll look into it.

NinKenDo, for sure, but the script started out as a really simple one, I didn’t want to bother to implement that - and now, it’s not really limited to WaniKani in theory. However I’ll probably add something like that for the next update.

I’m very very interested in this script, which is very useful, but i can’t go to the userscripts website… It’s maybe down

Myself and a couple others are waiting for userscripts.org to come back online too. :frowning:

Userscripts is back, and the script is working nicely in its various aspects.

Is it back ? I still can’t reach the website page… Either it’s my connection which has a problem, or i’m very unlucky and it’s down again… -_-'

I’m gonna definitely try this one of these days. However, I’m still looking for a cool Japanese site to use this.

I guess i’m gonna try this on NHK Easy News  website (I mean… when i’ll be able to install that script… lol)

Mirror: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/80112437/449147.user.js