[Userscript]: Double-Check (Version 2.x)


I guess I’d recommend capturing WK’s answerChecker.evaluate() function to detect submission, and the $.jStorage.listenKeyChange() for reset and retype.


I’m not sure if you missed this @rfindley, but any idea if this is something that can be fixed?


I saw it, but haven’t looked at the Review Item Delay script yet. I haven’t been on my computer much in the last few days. (I’m on WK via my tablet).


oh ok. I just wanted to check btw, no intention of rushing you


I found some issues when using this script that I’d be very thankful if you had the time to look at:

  • With the script activated (and lightning mode disabled), answering to an item with multiple meanings will no longer show up the little pop-up that indicated that item had multiple meanings.
  • When Typos is set to Warn/Shake and I type the kunyomi when WaniKani asks for the onyomi or viceversa, I get the standard “your answer was slightly off” prompt instead of the indicator that WaniKani was asking for the other reading.
  • Sometimes when I press the “Esc” key to correct an item, it switches to the other mode (i.e. I try to correct the meaning but it goes to reading instead), and after typing that other mode it moves on to a different item.

Good work on the script otherwise, it’s quite helpful! I’ve also been using a few of your other scripts without any issue!


rfindley recently updated how settings are handled, so you might just need to turn it on again. That’s just a guess of something to try since I don’t use either of those features.

Yes, this is quite annoying.


@rfindley FYI, sometimes when I press Enter to move to the next question, one of the popovers about multiple answers (or something like that) shows up and there’s a delay of multiple seconds before it moves on. This has been happening basically the whole time the script (your version) has existed, but I still haven’t noticed a pattern for when it happens.

EDIT: It’s the 'Need help? View the correct '+qtype+' and mnemonic' message that’s popping up when it shouldn’t. I just caught it this time.


:point_right: [ v2.1.1 ] - Fix wrong-reading warning message.

This part is fixed.

I’m not able to replicate these. Could you post a snapshot of your settings?

Could you also post your settings? The code path for popovers is a bit tricky, so narrowing down the settings to replicate this will help… especially regarding the lightning mode setting.


I have close but no cigar on and I think everything else set to the defaults. But I’ll double check tonight.


These are my settings

As for the correcting an item issue, maybe it could be conflicting with the Reorder script. These are all the WK scripts I use, just in case:


Here are my settings:


Hey there, I installed this script, and Tapermonkey show’s it is indeed running in the correct context, however no new options or buttons appear. Have I done something wrong? Is it not working properly?


You need to install the Open Framework, which isn’t listed in your screen-shot. You’ll also need to ensure that the Open Framework is configured to run first, before other scripts. The instructions for that are in the top-post.


Thanks for the quick answer, easy fix! Wonderful script :slight_smile: Works fine now


thank u <3 ^^


YESSSS, thanks so much!


@rfindley Report: Idk if it’s a bug or a feature, but if I enable lightning mode from the setting, if my answer was wrong, item info didn’t open by itself like lightning mode only user script.

Request: Can you make it automatic just like lightning mode so that I won’t need to press “f” to show the item info whenever I’m wrong?

Installing Wanikani Open Framework

@rfindley This should be showing a “close but no cigar” warning, but I get this instead:


Ok, thanks. I’ll add it to my todo list (as well as the post above yours). This week has been a bit crazy with inquiries for contract work, and finishing up another project. (And I haven’t forgotten about the Quiz result request).


Thanks. (The quiz results request was pretty low priority for me, so no need to get to that any time soon.)