[Userscript] ConfusionGuesser

Geez. Remember when you were first learning to drive and you unconsciously assumed everyone else on the road around you was an expert that had been driving forever? First @Kumirei and now you are telling me you also created your first userscripts here (still hard for me to fathom!).

In my case, I’d never even written a line of javascript before my first Wanikani script. I’m not sure if I’ve learned more kanji or more front-end coding stuff since then!

Another thing I’ve learned is that I’m not just slow in days-per-level, I’m also slow in seconds-per-question. I average around 6 spq while it seems many of my script’s users average around half that. It takes me longer than 100ms to slurp a sip of coffee, so there’s little chance I’ll notice!

Tell me about it! It took me about 4 months to develop the current production version of the GanbarOmeter after publishing the first alpha version. It took approximately 100ms after pushing the latest build to realize that my default of only quizzing on new-kanji (vs. radicals, kanji, and vocabulary) made no sense at all.

I totally get (and appreciate) not doing stuff behind the user’s back. As a product manager, I learned to appreciate “on first run” sections of single-use code. As you’re pointing out, that’s definitely the best place to put all sorts of opt-in/opt-out stuff like downloads, registration, telemetry creation, support site login creation, etc.