Updates to Lessons, Reviews and Extra Study are live

Not a fan of the new UI – as others noted, it actually feels dated relative to the older one. My biggest problem, though, is with audio playback. I’ve noticed it cuts off right before the recording is finished, giving a robotic effect. Worse, this makes it harder to learn the pitch accent and long vowels at word ends. Bug?

EDIT: seconding everyone who says the removal of the summary page is a huge downgrade. I also don’t like the smaller font size (I have bad astigmatism and need the big characters to discern the strokes at first). Probably the only improvement imo is removing session timeouts, which I am 100% for. I’m regretting getting lifetime rn since I can’t vote with my dollar and unsubscribe until these issues are addressed… but I’ll probably be shifting my focus to anki in the meantime. Please reconsider these changes.


honestly, i hope something can make all this optional at least because $10 a month is a bit much to have everything get totally switched up with no choice at all :') i think i’m gonna end up paying for more months than i really need to just because some of the scripts and layout changes just aren’t working for me!

  • I’m not sure what it is exactly (either font, font size, or the animations), but doing my reviews just now gave me a massive headache. It hurts to look at. I never had this issue with the old layout (on desktop).
  • As others have suggested, it would be great if there was a way to still use the old formatting. I very much do not like the new layout, and as I mentioned before it literally hurts me to look at it.
  • I never use mobile, so I don’t know, but if you made all these layout changes for the sake of mobile, maybe consider using a different code/script for mobile. Everything was great on desktop, and these changes feel a lot like you’re changing desktop to improve mobile, but at the same time making desktop significantly worse. The solution, though it might take a bit more effort up front is to have the site change layout depending on if it’s accessed from mobile or desktop. MANY sites do this these days, it’s nothing new.
  • The removal of the summary page is a huge loss.
  • I do like the little notification that shows what rank something progressed to after finishing the review though.

rfindley is working on it, but it’ll be a few days


I don’t care about most of these changes, but I want the summary pages back. It felt useful to be able to know whether a review had gone well or badly in a quantitative manner. Yes there’s the % of correct answers in the corner while you’re doing it, but that can be misleading if you get a wrong reading stuck in your head like I sometimes do - I’ve had reviews where the running % was awful, but as it was because of getting the same thing wrong many times, the review % cheered me up a bit.

Adding synonyms in reviews is a big bonus, though.


Please bring back the summary page. I don’t see the extra study feature as a viable substitute. In fact, I would like the option to remove the extra study feature from the dashboard so it doesn’t clutter things up.


I know everyone has said it but I’d like to add as well-- I really did enjoy the summary page. Pretty disappointed to no longer have it.


I really miss the accuracy % after a review session. That really helps to check if it was good/decent/bad session.


Now that a lot of vital userscripts are broken I realize how much they became a important part of my workflow… Will be interesting to be back to bare Wanikani for a few days :smiley:


Spacier reviews

I’ve made a little userstyle to bring some of the old desktop look back:
Spacier reviews for WaniKani — UserStyles.world

See also: Bring back reviews summary


As I use it more – the worse it gets.
I’ve spend years on this site for over a thousand hours… maybe my feedback will hold a little weight.

The first time I quit WK was after they changed all of the radical meanings and mnemonics. I was level 38. The changes were too much for me. After a few months of deliberation, I restarted. I’m still here. I’ve trudged back up to Level 28. I’m totally committed at this point – but after this update – MAYBE NOT! (so sad!! :scream: :sob: :rage:

  • The desktop experience for the last few years was elegant, inviting, and not distracting. Why change perfection!!! The new/broken update is harsh and simply anger and headache inducing. It looks more like KaniWani – that’s not a compliment. CHANGE BACK NOW!!! (pretty pretty please)

  • Userscripts = BROKEN.

  • Why no beta test?? No user feedback?? WK has always been about community engagement. This was surely a missed opportunity.

  • My mobile app for Android called Kakumei is now completely broken. I’m sure there are other 3rd party apps are trash now, too.

  • I could go on and on… I shouldn’t have to. WK was the GOLD STANDARD for kanji learning. Not sure I could recommend anymore.


I don’t have that strong of an opinion on anything other than review summaries should definitely be brought back. I don’t know why you would take them out lmao


The site is basically not useable for me until the double-check script is working again.

And removal of the percentage at the end (from what I hear) is a bad move.

I can deal with changing aesthetics but please don’t take away features like that.


Honestly, I prefer the older UI better than the current one. Though session timeouts are no longer possible, which is a good thing, there are many other cons in this update such as the disappearance of the summary box feature which could show our accuracy in our reviews. The other downside is the fact that after each update, the scripts won’t work until someone updates them but this update feels as though WaniKani has regressed in terms of UI and features so I’m not that satisfied with it.


Thank you for this comparison image
I was wondering why the boxes all looked so uncomfortably high up during reviews


Yeah this update is…

On a level up day too.


You have genuinely ruined the main website for me. Your team has relied on userscripts to patch all of the things that made WaniKani insufferable and make the journey to 60 a smoother ride while you lazily pumped out minor meaning/reading changes and item reshuffles, and you just pull the rug out from beneath everybody, “but we warned script devs about this weeks ago!!”


I have no words … !!!


The black focus highlight is really ugly and distracting on the text field, and not a fan of the Item Info view scrolling all the way down automatically. Also, why would you remove the Enter key.


Honestly, I like most of the changes (though I think enabling a summary should be an option) but every big update highlights the same problem: a lot of basic and very desired features are only delivered by apps or scripts and that’s a shame. I understand how angry and frustrated some are.

  • Good: I love timeouts going away. Being able to keep a WK tab open and bang out a few reviews here and there between other things is wonderful.

  • Neutral: Losing the summary page doesn’t bother me personally, but it’s enough of a big deal to others here that it definitely should come back.

  • Bad: Breaking Double Check. WK either needs an undo, or much more comprehensive accept/shake lists. I hate playing guess-the-synonym. “Oh, you put ‘conversation’ instead of ‘discussion’… back to Apprentice for you!”

  • Bad: Breaking Confusion Guesser. Knowing WHY I get things wrong is important in learning. Am I putting the kunyomi instead of the onyomi? Getting two similar kanji mixed up? After this update, who knows?