[Unsupported] Leech training script

Nice script, I will definitely use it. Thanks a lot! However I have some questions.
When I provide wrong answer it goes back a couple of items and asks me again things I provieded correct answers for. Should it work like this?
Also: I provided か as an annswer for 下 kanji (https://www.wanikani.com/kanji/下). It’s a primary answer for this kanji. Correct answer was showed as げ (which is the second). Seems like a bug.

Are you sure about this? I kept putting in しnfor the kanji 振 (しん) and it kept rejecting it. Normally WaniKani changes the n at the end to ん, but the script didn’t do that for me. Could be user error, but the circle styling was fixed so I’m a bit confused.

Also, while the primary kanji reading is fixed, I think it might be better if it shook around instead of counting it wrong if you put in the wrong reading. Just, something to keep in mind for future reference. Thanks for the update!

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The script is not working for me. How do I get it to work?

Depending on browser that you’re using you’ll have to download some extension to allow scripts to run. In chrome I use “Tampermonkey”. Here you can check every browser: https://greasyfork.org/en. After you install this extension Install button (for scripts) should work.

… I have the extension installed. It’s not working …
Plenty of other extensions are working normally.

I have 4 leeches I can see using the WaniKani Tools website.

Leech Training script is installed but the circle shows no number, not even a zero and when clicked, nothing happens.

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You might want to try downloading “Dashboard Userscript: Leech, Apprentice, and Guru detail (aka SRS level progress)” which you can download here:

It’s made by the same guy and basically works off of that in some ways. Might need that script before you can work this one.

That, or maybe something is wrong with your particular browser? Firefox recently changed somethings which might cause a problem with previously downloaded scripts.

Sorry it’s not working for you Izana. Can you open up the Console window and look for a error displayed in red and share a screenshot of it? It’s accessible in Chrome via the menu View > Developer JavaScript Console.

Wrong reading bug (version 0.2.0):



…Also, it didn’t accept a user synonym for me just now on a different item, so that might have some issues left still as well.

@hitechbunny this is the red text

Starting WKHelper callback for WaniKani Leech Trainer…
script.js:90 Completed WKHelper callback for WaniKani Leech Trainer.
rawgit.com/WaniKani/WanaKana/master/lib/wanakana.js Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()
VM630:212 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘appendChild’ of null
at main (eval at E_c (:3:185), :212:52)
at Window.eval (eval at E_c (:3:185), :222:7)
at :2:374
at e.string.f.function.c.(anonymous function) (eval at exec_fn (:1:108), :51:433)
kanjiSvg.js:112 kanjiSvg Object

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I’ve been using the script and overall like it, but there’s one kanji that keeps messing me up because it accepts only one of the two onyomi while the main app accepts either.

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Yup, I got pretty much the same issue as above. The only accepted reading for 打 is ぶ which I never even realised existed, because it hasn’t come up in my vocabs yet. It would be awesome if you could fix it. I still love the script, great job.

Leech circle doesn’t show a number for me too --> it does, but not always; and a little slow.

Also, Leech circle doesn’t appear on Kanji, Vocab and Radical pages

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This script is really awesome. Kudos to you sir(s)

Excellent script. I came here just to report that as well.

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Why does everyone assume I’m male? :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s just easier than trying to figure out which gender you identify to :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the reports, folks. I’m not working on these just yet (JLPT N5 on Sunday!), but I will quickly summarize (in rough priority order):

  • Fix ‘n’ becoming ‘ん’ because it’s still not working
  • Nail down what the correct answers are for kanji, and prompt for the correct answer when an alternate kanji reading is given.
  • Fix wanakana loading failure.
  • Move the leech review preparation logic to my website - so that it can cache all of the user’s synonyms, and leech review queues work across browsers (e.g. home and work computers)
  • Add in a mnemonics review at the start.
  • Repeat each item at least 3 times, and only remove if from the list of leeches if it’s passed all three times.
  • Add in confusion elements too (and they have to all pass for the leech to get removed).

I love this script! My leeches has slowed me down a lot recently, and I still havn’t bothered to crush them…
Now I can finally start my journey to get rid of those 150 leeches! :flushed:

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Didn’t you do anything about user synonyms ? I’ve the feeling that support for them was improved and that I can use more of them ?
Thanks again for your very pleasant script, I’m using it at least twice a day.
And good luck for your exam !

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Do you have any plans to prevent reviewing leeches too close to review time? I don’t think that matters much for Apprentice leeches, but I think it’s a big deal for Master and Enlightened leeches.

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