Unite Kanji - Holy Dyslexia

Was learning new Kanji today and came across Unite.

Here’s what it talks about
You take all of your thread and allocate them into one place to unite them. With all your thread united and wrapped together, you’re ready to rule and govern the world!

I have to say, I had to read this 6 or 7 times and answer “untie” in the learning review before I realized it was not Untie. Threads don’t typically get united after all.

I don’t know how to make this better really. It’s the thread radical after all. Glad you prohibit untie on this one though. At least it won’t be possible to learn it incorrectly so thanks for that :slight_smile:

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Don’t feel bad, I did the same thing and it took me a long time to notice that mistake.

Just recently, I kept reading the mnemonic for 軒 as “horse counter” instead of “house counter” and I was getting VERY confused.


Ever heard of knitting? :sweat_smile:

Or like, clothes.

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Oh, I have! Not a fan.


I use No Cigar script as a must, that is, I cannot make a typo, even if I misread.

I only noticed right now, that it is inside Double-Check script now. (Just before, I was using original Ethan’s version.)

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Or the Worm/Xianxia fanfic “Sect” where the concepts of unity and harmony are expressed through weaving. Surely I’m not the only one… okay I’ll see myself out^^;

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My mother knits! I wonder if she or anyone else who does would ever literally proclaim “I HAVE UNITED THE THREAD!” hahaha

Thanks everyone! Might look into using No Cigar!


I also noticed that sometimes similar kanji like family name (氏 ) and people (民) are hard to distinguish for me. I’m sure I will find more kanji like that and then it will be a minefield to study alongside already mixing English words that are similar.

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