Uniqlo LifeWear magazine

Soooo not sure if this warrants a full post but just something nifty I discovered and wanted to share.

My local Uniqlo had these piles of promotional magazines at the counter called Life Wear Magazine. I saw that it featured a Monocle guide to Tokyo so I took one with me.

I was surprised to find that these are written entirely in both English as well as Japanese. Every article has Japanese text with an English translation next to it or underneath it. Probably not a 1 to 1 translation, but might be fun reading practice nonetheless. The articles themselves are pretty interesting as well. The theme of this summer’s issue is livable cities so it featured articles on Tokyo, Kyoto, Havana, Copenhaguen, … Apart from that there is a lot of reading related to their catalogue of course.

Anyway, it’s free, so might be worth checking out if you have a Uniqlo nearby that carries them.


I went to Uniqlo and got copies for everyone, here you go :slightly_smiling_face:

I saw a prior issue, must have been last year…not sure if they keep an archive though.


Totally didn’t occur to me to check their website. Thanks!