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can we have unburned items in the lesson queue instead of as apprentice1?

and while i’m at it, maybe add a “relearn” button somewhere that puts any item in the lesson queue, regardless of type or level.

another thing i’d like to suggest is a “longer learning option”, that quizzes you more than just once in lessons… maybe with configurable repetitions.



I believe this is already being considered by the WK team.

You could try the self study script.

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yeah i know of that tool, but that’s not repeated lessons, that’s reviews. i’d like to pick, say, 5 words (one default batch) and do the whole learning twice or thrice, because i sometimes don’t pay attention.

The way the lessons are now, you can already do that. Instead of going to the quiz straight away, click “need more time” and you can go through the lessons as many times as you want.

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yeah, that’s the first part of the lessons, now add a looped review until you hit “ok i got it now” :slight_smile:

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Honestly, I agree it should put unburned items in your lesson queue, but I think it should have some way to seperate it and a way to learn only those, without the other lessons. Either have them be their own tab or have a little button in lessons to separate unburned items from the rest.

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yeah, unburned items might get in the way if you still get new lessons, that’s why i’m pushing it back to when i’m 60 and have a good portion burned.

On a side note, you honestly couldn’t think of any way to extend your six-character topic to ten characters other than by adding twenty-six characters of noise? How about, say “Unburning items”? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, it is. This will not only fix the situation with some kanji changing meanings (from ast update), but it will help a lot with leeches :v:

So, we should just be able to choose the SRS level instead, from 0 (lesson) to 7 (Enlightenment).


*cough* [feature suggestion] Demote button on radical/kanji/vocab pages *cough*


i was literally the first comment in your post

not to mention that you didn’t include adding to lessons




that’s because i’m a stubborn oyaji, and it pissed me off, hehe :laughing:

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