[ui] 42 ≠ 42+

Don’t know if this is a won’t fix, but when you have exactly 42 (lessons) it shows “42+” on the dashboard. Does the UI not know if there is a next page/pagination?


Who said “42+” can’t be inclusive?


It’s 42 and above.


I always read it as “42 or more”.


Well maybe it is referring to 42+0 which also equals 42…:upside_down_face: also…now that I have been helpful…what is the internet? Is it a miracle? How does the information get shoved inside of it and sent to me? Is it alive?


I like your logic. Can we extend it to negative numbers? 42+(-42)=42+


Cf https://community.wanikani.com/t/exactly-42-lessons

Anyway the default reply is that this deserves a poll.

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Works for me…but we have to include 42+i as well then…which could be troublesome…

no dev response your thread either? But yeah should have searched the forums first :stuck_out_tongue:

UX q.q also hate how “the answer” is acceptable in vocab for forty-two.

You get imaginary reviews? Someone is spending too much time on Wanikani…


Why? You just don’t like any of the reference synonyms?

Who? Can you introduce me to them??? Please???

Accepting a wrong answer for a right answer is wrong.

Is there a realistic scenario where this would cause someone to learn the wrong meaning for an item?

You’re never going to get that one right by accident. If you answer with “the answer” you know what the meaning is.


The point though, is that it helps people to remember what the right answer is if they get the references, and it also makes things more amusing. That is part of what I like about wanikani. It’s goofiness makes things fun and interesting and that helps with making things stick.

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  • Lying to yourself
  • if they don’t know the reference
  • or didn’t read that in the desc it’s a reference.

lol 3rd time I got blasted for sharing an opinion :stuck_out_tongue: I love jokes and that’s the reason I’m on wanikani. But as a teacher, knowledge is knowledge, reference is reference, no reason to give credit for a knowledge based on a reference.

If you know that it is a reference. I don’t read all of the cards but I do look at the syns. I know a lot of people that don’t know that reference and could easily get confused. YES this doesn’t affect you, that’s fine, that’s cool.

Also, 42 is overplayed shrug

Personally I love that… And always answer it that way. I’ve never forgotten it.

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Sorry, was not trying to blast, at least from my end. I was just saying why I liked it and why it made sense to me. As far as the 42+ thing I was just making a joke, obviously that does not really matter either way.

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