So I just reached this radical, “triceratops”. There’s no way that’s the actual meaning of the symbol right? did I misunderstand something about how radicals work? This other website gives it the meaning “small”…

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Radicals on its own don’t mean anything, but there are kanjis that are composed or just one radical, like 一 or 夕、 for example. These names are made up by WaniKani to help you memorize the radical using a ‘visual’ guide, in this case, three horns of a triceratops.

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One of my favourite radical is this one:

Well, unless the radical directly resembles an existing kanji, there is no point in learning the radical meanings, because you’ll never use them anyway. They’re just used as tools to make learning the kanji easier. Luckily, you can assign user synonyms to items, so if you think you’ll remember them better with some other word, you can change them.

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you must use your imagination, padawan.


yep, see it could be an overweight unicorn who’s just been electrocuted too :smiley:

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the world is your oyster

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