Trial Period Graduation

I started with yearly (cheaper than monthly, in the long run), and then upgraded to lifetime during one of the end of the year sales. Figure I’d stay around to burn everything, plus it’s a good resource to look things up when I forget. As a mostly unrelated tip, you can tell who the lifers are because their level is pink in the forum (Can’t tell for level 60s tho).

Personally, I did almost nothing other than WK until I hit level 60. In my early levels I did some stuff with Genki or Tae Kim, but otherwise didn’t do anything. Now that I’m 60 I’m hitting the grammar and listening/speaking a lot harder.

For pronunciation I’m currently taking this class:

Overall it’s pretty useful, but it just gives guidance on things to look out for (accent, intonation, etc)

For overall resources, I think you should check out this thread:

EDIT: As for your speed, everyone learns at different speeds - or can only devote a certain amount of time per day. The most important thing is to go at a speed where you won’t burn out. If you do plan to finish, at least financially, the best way would be to get annual until (hopefully) there will be another end of the year lifetime sale…