Travelling to Japan

Next Year in March/April i wanna fly to Japan for a few weeks, Two months ago i started learning japanese doing neat progress, and started learning Kanji via WaniKani a Week ago. What do you say?
Will i be able to understand most of the things written in public, if i keep up the pace, will I be able to speak with locals, when im learning and reviewing about 100 vocabs with AnkiDroid?
What is your experience? How long did you study japanese, before you were confident speaking it?

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I would definitely try to add some basic grammar practice to your routine, since it’s pretty different from German.

One year of kanji study would allow you to read many of the signs in Japan. But the words you learn here, mostly won’t be immediately relevant for the trip.

One year can be enough to be conversational. By that I mean be able to introduce yourself, have short conversations about where you’re from, what you want to do on your holiday in Japan, order a meal in a restaurant, and interacting with shopkeepers. But you need to practice speaking and listening consistently, to train your ears and mouth to the sounds of Japanese.


For that you need WaniKani + Anki (vocab) + something to teach yourself tons of grammar.

WaniKani will help with kanji and some vocabulary (granted, much of it is useful), however to understand most of the things written in public, I’m not sure.

Unless you mean street signs, directions, etc. That should be okay, especially considering many signs are also in English.

Thanks for the reply, additionally im in a japanese class to learn the grammar get some practice in speaking japanese, i just hope everythings enough for basic conversations, hopefully even more. atleast trying to understand most of it.

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