Translating forum kanji automatically


Just had a thought - it would be nice if hovering over kanji in the WK forum gave a translation of it. Perhaps just wishful thinking on my part? :slight_smile:


@Nath & @Leebo both recommended great browser extensions, Rikaichan/kun. Will update this post with any other sueggestions that people recommend.

I also edited the thread title to make people more aware of the content.

Translation Solutions

Rikaichan (Chrome)
Rikaikun (Chrome)


I think you can just use rikaichan or the like, no?


Yeah, Rikai-kun/Rikai-chan work on any site, so no reason to duplicate the effort here.


Gah! Super useful plugin! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Did I… did I just Leebo you?


Well, I saw your post before I posted and agreed with it. Does that count.


He must be weakened after the reset.


Considering there’s only 1 min of difference between our posts, I’ll take it.


Very underrated post everyone. Check the comments.


I’ve updated the thread title so to make it a bit more useful to people, and edited the first post to include links to the sources. Perhaps this thread could be moved to the Tips & Tricks category?