Total number of Radicals, Kanji and Vocab on Wanikani?


I’m building a summary page with some statistics and would need to know how many Radicals, Kanji and Vocabs there is in total on Wanikani to be able to properly display percentage completed. Anyone know this?

453 Radicals
1680 Kanji’s
5200 vocabs

for kanjis and vocabs you see the progression bar with the overall number directly on the top of your profile page

R: 453, K: 1680, V:5200

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What about this link?

Frouzich said... What about this link?
 Your avi is quite disturbi...erm, interesting! What is it/where is it from?

I’m confused. Everywhere I look online I’m seeing that there are only 214 Radicals but Kaniwani has over 400. What are all the ones beyond the 214?

(Note: as of this post, the current totals are…)

  • Radicals: 481
  • Kanji: 2048
  • Vocab: 6352

There are 214 officially recognized radicals in Japanese, but WK here includes some recurring shapes/patterns that are not officially recognized. For example, 敝 is technically a (super-rare) kanji by itself, but it’s listed as a radical on WK because it can be considered a component that’s used to write 幣 and 弊.

For what it’s worth, I actually stopped using the mnemonics somewhere along the way, so I no longer had any reason to drill the radicals with whatever exact names they’ve been assigned. I greatly appreciated how the kanji and vocab here are curated to provide a solid foundation for reading though*, so I stuck with WK while working around the radicals by forcing correct answers on them all. All my WK reviews are strictly kanji & vocab now.

There are users who swear by the mnemonics, though. So… feel free to decide for yourself how you want to go about it :slight_smile:


*Also, there are a lot of great userscripts (which are quick and easy to install) that give WK a massive edge over using Anki, or any other SRS. Anki can probably achieve similar functionality, but I think attempting to recreate all of WK’s best userscripts would be extraordinarily pain-staking and time-consuming…


So, Radicals + Kanji + Vocal = 8868.

Then why is that when I total my Apprentice, Master, Guru, Enlightened and Burned items, I get 8881?

Sorry, I pulled the numbers from, and didn’t see that it’s not counting my 13 “apprentice” items. My point though, was that there’s an extra ~400 kanji and ~1100 vocab that the previous answers weren’t accounting for because they’re 4 years old :sweat_smile:

Edit: Fixed the totals

agree about the mnemonics. I never actually used them. They made it harder for me to remember them honestly.