Torii - SRS learning application for vocabulary


Probably it’s somewhere, but I cannot find it… How long is it between the SRS intervals?

I’m doing my reviews multiple times a day, every day for 24 days and I still don’t have anything in Expert. Is that normal?

@AtticusD I get this request regularly actually ^^ Personally I’m not a fan of the Anki way of reviewing. It’s fast for sure, but I believe having to type in the answer enhances the learning effect. I understand that it can make sense in certain situations though, like those you were mentioning. I’ll think about it. I put it on the backlog for now.

@nmunshi I kind of want to create a web app, but there are no concrete plans yet. I plan to bundle the app with a JRE soon, which means it will be possible to run Torii without having to install anything on the PC. That might be an option for you.

Lesson - 4h - 8h - 24h - 48h (Amateur 1) - 7d (Amateur 2) - 14d (Expert) - 30d (Master) - 120d (Sensei).
So it takes at least 24.5 days before an item moves up to Expert. You’ll be there soon :slight_smile:


Thanks for considering it. It can be at the bottom of the options page under “Advanced Settings” or something like that. For me, quite often, having an Anki mode is the difference between clearing the review queue or doing nothing at all. So the benefit is clear in that case. Also I have not found so far that the items that I type vs the “Anki” ones are sticking significantly better. But every person is different and every person has a different day to day life. That’s why it is nice to have options. Regardless what you decide I will continue using Torii. I am enjoying it quite a lot.

Does Torii support excluding certain vocab from J -> E?
I ask because I only want to see Wanikani vocab in E -> J lessons, and not J -> E, as I’ve already studied that vocab on Wanikani in J -> E

Been trying this app out and think of swapping to it in wanikani mode instead of sticking with my current Anki deck which provides pretty much the exact same functionality.

One thing I really liked with this app is that it shows you a lot of example sentences but that tab seems to only be visible during the learning phase and not when doing reviews. Is there anyway to see all the example sentences while doing reviews? Also, what is the ordering for the new vocab - is it by frequency?

Btw this is the Anki deck for anyone curious

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Hi, thank you so much for this app! You’re clearly putting a lot of work into it – it looks much more polished and feature-laden than I expected. :wink: I’ve been meaning to check out this app for over a year now, but I wasn’t able to due to numbers (3) and (5) below.

I have a bunch of questions and/or suggestions:

  1. You may wish to rename the kana-only option when setting up the SRS. To me, it sounds like a filter, meaning that checking the box will remove all kanji words. So I un-checked the box, and thought it was a bug when the number of items actually went down instead of up. :laughing:

  2. The checkboxes are hard to see, since they are black against a dark grey background. Perhaps the checkbox color should match the text color.

  3. I misunderstood the FAQ when it says There is currently no native Android app in the working. I didn’t realize that there is a (non-native) Android app. :sweat_smile: Other FAQ items make it clear that there is indeed an app, but I stopped reading the rest of the FAQ once I came under the belief that there wasn’t. You may wish to tweak the wording slightly.

  4. In Android, I am unable to use any of my normal input methods (a flick-style Japanese input method, or a swype-style English input method) using gboard. Are there any plans to support these, or is there another keyboard that already does so? I know this might be due to non-native Android limitations, but for flick-style input you can render it in-app instead of working with the keyboard (e.g., the KanaMatrix userscript does this for WaniKani).

  5. In Windows, is there a work-around for the GdxRuntimeException mentioned on the FAQ if I already have the most recent graphics drivers? For example, maybe I should revert to an older Java version, or maybe it might help to install a specific version of libgdx? The laptop is old, but not egregiously so. If it’s relevant, I’m running a Lenovo ThinkPad x220 with Windows 10 and an Intel HD Graphics 3000 chipset. It looks like they released this model in 2011.
    If it helps, the exact error message is:

 com.badlogic.gdx.utils.GdxRuntimeException: Couldn't create window
 	at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl3.Lwjgl3Application.createGlfwWindow(
 	at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl3.Lwjgl3Application.createWindow(
 	at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl3.Lwjgl3Application.createWindow(
 	at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl3.Lwjgl3Application.<init>(
 	at com.torii.srs.desktop.DesktopLauncher.main(

If either (4) or (5) are fixed, I can start using Torii daily.

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@tenderwaffles That is not possible. Archiving an item will exclude it from J > E and E > J reviews.

@MrChairman Showing all example sentences while doing reviews is on the backlog. Lesson ordering is by JLPT level (N5 > N1). Other than that it’s random. I’ll probably implement ordering by frequency in the future. That is, if I can find an up-to-date word frequency list from a reliable source.

@DarthTomato Thanks for the feedback!
4) The Android app only supports basic input (no swiping, auto-complete). I’m working on improving the user experience on Android, though.
5) The Desktop app requires OpenGL 2.1+. A quick Google search showed that Intel HD Graphics 3000 is not supported on Windows 10, and the Intel drivers for Win10 for Intel HD 3000 don’t support OpenGL. Maybe there’s a workaround. You’d have to do some research.


I love this program a bunch. Thank you so much for creating it! A question though, every time I try to increase my lesson workload (e.g. 20>50 daily lessons) it defaults back to 20. All the other things work perfectly though! :smiley:

@Rakantor: Loving the Torii experience more and more each day. Would it be possible to add a link alongside the existing Jisho and Tatoeba ones to send the complete example sentence to Jisho? It would be really helpful in those cases when the example sentence contains words that the user does not know (or has forgotten :wink: ).

Many thanks again for the excellent work! :relaxed:

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@KaedeHaru Hi! You need to click the button below the timezone setting to update the lesson limit. I know, it’s not so intuitive that some settings auto-update and others don’t. I’m working on it :wink:

@AtticusD I’m happy to hear that! I added your suggestion to the Trello board / backlog :slight_smile:

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Quick question: How is the kana vocab sorted in the wanikani mode? Also by JLPT level?
Thanks! :blush:

Yup, also by JLPT level :+1:

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That’s great. Thanks a lot!

@Rakantor: I noticed yesterday that during learning and review sessions, there is no Save button in the Personal Notes area. I wrote a mnemonic thinking it will be saved automatically but no, it has disappeared. Going out of the session, looking for the word and then writing the mnemonic is a bit impractical. Could you please have a look?

It should be saved when you complete the lesson/review (= when you see the green/red srs level up/down tag pop up). Did you maybe quit the session after adding the mnemonic?

Thanks for the explanation. I am pretty sure that was it. :grinning:

Since I just got to it, should you remove 広がる from the WK path since WK added it a few weeks ago?

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Next thing I noticed: 心中 is listed as N1 and meaning “heart, mind” but JMdict says that word isn’t N1. 心中 has an alternate meaning of “double suicide, group suicide” that is N1 though. And considering these to be different words is no fluke with JMdict, as 研究社 新和英中辞典, according to Weblio, also has them as 2 separate words. So either the N1 tag or the definition needs to change.

Just wanted to drop by and say that I started using this tool yesterday and that I am very satisfied with being able to learn vocabulary in Wanikani style. I used Anki before to study Core 2000 words (and kanji decks…), so I recognize some of the material you put in here, but I prefer typing answers and other WK features. Also, it’s relatively easy to customize settings while not being too overwhelming. So, expect more donations in the future


Is it possible to get a feature added to sorry learned vocabulary by SRS level? I often want to add alternate meanings to words I recently learned from the dictionary, but going through the entire list is beguiling more and more unwieldly.