Torii - SRS learning application for vocabulary

Hi, thank you so much for this app! You’re clearly putting a lot of work into it – it looks much more polished and feature-laden than I expected. :wink: I’ve been meaning to check out this app for over a year now, but I wasn’t able to due to numbers (3) and (5) below.

I have a bunch of questions and/or suggestions:

  1. You may wish to rename the kana-only option when setting up the SRS. To me, it sounds like a filter, meaning that checking the box will remove all kanji words. So I un-checked the box, and thought it was a bug when the number of items actually went down instead of up. :laughing:

  2. The checkboxes are hard to see, since they are black against a dark grey background. Perhaps the checkbox color should match the text color.

  3. I misunderstood the FAQ when it says There is currently no native Android app in the working. I didn’t realize that there is a (non-native) Android app. :sweat_smile: Other FAQ items make it clear that there is indeed an app, but I stopped reading the rest of the FAQ once I came under the belief that there wasn’t. You may wish to tweak the wording slightly.

  4. In Android, I am unable to use any of my normal input methods (a flick-style Japanese input method, or a swype-style English input method) using gboard. Are there any plans to support these, or is there another keyboard that already does so? I know this might be due to non-native Android limitations, but for flick-style input you can render it in-app instead of working with the keyboard (e.g., the KanaMatrix userscript does this for WaniKani).

  5. In Windows, is there a work-around for the GdxRuntimeException mentioned on the FAQ if I already have the most recent graphics drivers? For example, maybe I should revert to an older Java version, or maybe it might help to install a specific version of libgdx? The laptop is old, but not egregiously so. If it’s relevant, I’m running a Lenovo ThinkPad x220 with Windows 10 and an Intel HD Graphics 3000 chipset. It looks like they released this model in 2011.
    If it helps, the exact error message is:

 com.badlogic.gdx.utils.GdxRuntimeException: Couldn't create window
 	at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl3.Lwjgl3Application.createGlfwWindow(
 	at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl3.Lwjgl3Application.createWindow(
 	at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl3.Lwjgl3Application.createWindow(
 	at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl3.Lwjgl3Application.<init>(
 	at com.torii.srs.desktop.DesktopLauncher.main(

If either (4) or (5) are fixed, I can start using Torii daily.

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