Tokyo female and male pronunciation

Are you sure about that? To me they sound identical pitch-wise, the difference is that she pronounces the a more in the front of her mouth (making it sound “brighter” and slightly higher) while he pronounces the a more towards the throat which makes it sound darker, but the pitch remains high for it. At least to my ears :woman_shrugging:

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I don’t really hear a difference between the two WaniKani speakers in terms of pitch. Kenichi speaks more harshly, which can make it a bit hard to tell I think, but after several listens I think the pitch accent is the same. Oddly though, they both sound like they are dropping after the third mora to me, but according to Yomichan, 竜巻 is actually heiban. In addition, JPod101 very clearly sounds heiban to me.


Your JPod101 sounds like Kyoko for me (2=3). I’ve tried listening again, but it still feels like Kenichi is dropping on the 3. I don’t know - I just need to hear it being used I guess. The single word recordings are only there to give an indication after all, I have way too little listening experience to properly figure out the differences.

I think that’s just the audio fade out. I’ve noticed that the attack at the beginning also has a tendency to make some items sound like Atamadaka when they’re not.

Yeah that just comes with time. Both recordings sound like Heiban to me because I expect that word to sound like that, even with the audio stuff I mentioned above.

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is better to learn from the male or female audio for a male beginner learners wanting to learn to tokyo male accent? you seem to know your stuff so interested in your opinion.

The problem with Kenichi’s accent is that he uses the soft ng sound and that’s usually something you hear from older men in general.

But I wouldn’t use WK exclusively for learning pitch accent. Either take a course like the one Dogen offers on his Patreon or do some immersion with a wide range of Japanese media.

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