Tobira + Kanzen Master N3 tips & tricks?

Hey everyone!

I just finished Genki I and II after 3 months of self study and I will now be starting both Tobira (textbook & grammar book) and Shin Kanzen master N3 (reading & grammar book). If Shin Kanzen Master N3 is too big of a jump, I will start it half way through Tobira.
I plan on finishing and absorbing these books by the end of the summer.

I just wanted to ask those who have completed or have had the experience of using these books if they have any tips and tricks.

These can be for example:

  • Things I should ignore
  • Things I should put more focus on
  • Things I can do to make the learning process more effective
  • Other platforms or resources I should use on the side that can help with certain areas in these books
  • etc.

Thank you very much for your responses! I can’t wait to dig in and get myself stuck on some more difficult and challenging content within these books :slight_smile:


  • This video illustrates how to use Kanzen Master reading books
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Can’t help you too much. I really rushed the Genki books not really my way of learning. I used so-matome + kanzen (plus bunpro and every nice online tools available).

The main thing I can tell you is Kanzen is really not like Genki ^^

That video help me :slight_smile:

Also getting kanzen master N4 for grammar may be a good idea to get the kanzen master way of learning (I loved it :slight_smile: ).


Thank you for your response and the video! Yes, I had a quick look at the Kanzen books and they indeed have quite a different feel to them, it might take a little while to get into their rhythm.

As for N4, I’ve decided to skip it and instead use Tobira to transition to N3 level and then use Shin Kanzen N3 as fortification :+1:


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