Tips for running a group language exchange

Hello! I am based in Machida, Tokyo. I couldn’t find any language exchange group near my home, so I decided to start my own.

After a week and a half, there are 60 members in the group already, so I am planning to organize the first event as soon as possible.

Besides the logistics of finding a suitable space for ~20 people who I expect will show up, what are things I should know about organizing a group language exchange?

I am totally new at this, so for now I am only considering: separating into groups of 4-6 people, and doing 20 minutes only in English and 20 minutes only in Japanese.

Do you have any tips to make it better, more enjoyable, more efficient, etc? Any tips welcome! :slight_smile:

Ooo. I’ve been to Machida. Looong time ago, though.

I’m quite impressed that you managed to get that many people in one week. You’ll certainly want to appoint some people to help you run the show - there’s no way you can manage with a sixty-to-one ratio. Start with some kind of ice-breaker?

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