This is more just for me, but I still wanna post it :p

So, my goal is to pass my JLPT N3 by 2023, and I want to hold myself accountable to actually do this. I recently aced my N5, and I know it’s a heavy goal, but I just really wanna do it. Hopefully, I can look back at this in '23 and be even further than I could ever imagine. Perhaps it’s a bit weird to post this here, but I feel like even though I’m sure nobody will remember this little post by me, it might make me feel more empowered to pass my N3 if I know people have seen my goal. (I also realise in retrospect how weird this sounds lol) But still, who knows, maybe with enough luck I might actually pass


Good luck! We’ll be here to watch you succeed.


Thank you! Hopefull in '23 I can say I succeeded :slight_smile:


One thing that can be useful in setting long-term goals like this is really getting crystal clear on your motivation for this particular goal. If you motivation is something abstract like “I want to reach N3 so I can feel more competent, and like I’m good at Japanese” that will be less powerful than “I see myself working at a Japanese company in the customer service department, and spending half of every year living in Kyoto” or something like this. Like, get super crystal clear on a vision for your life, and see N3 at part of achieving that goal. And then have a daily or weekly practice of visualizing your future self, and actually FEEL what it feels like to have achieved that goal, and be living in that future self.


That’s accountability my friend! I recommend not relying on just this post to stay accountable but tell a best friend or family member this goal so that you can report your progress to them (and not the other way where you rely on them reminding you though!).


Welcome to the WK community. :slight_smile:


Welcome. Welcome.

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Yeah, I talk to my boyfriend all the time about new words or phrases I’ve learnt, and in my chess club this other guy knows Japanese, so we usually talk about different words or grammar or whatever y’know? I still make sure I work on my own stuff to tho, but it’s cool to have them there to help keep me on track :grin:


i’m also trying for N3! i actually majored in japanese in college, but i graduated right after the pandemic started. i was working constantly for a year and a half before i could finally start my job in japan, and now i’m back to studying!! when i graduated, i was definitely at or around N3 level, but right now it kind of feels like wading through mud to catch back up and patch the holes in what i remember. i’m hoping to try for N3 this summer, but i’ll need to study a lot to make it work!

i remember feeling slightly overwhelmed when i first started learning, but i believe in you!! as long as you enjoy learning the language, i’m sure you’ll be able to reach your goals :slight_smile:


Oh wow, that’s impressive that you stuck with it! Was it easy to understand when people were talking? Because that’s my biggest fear, is just learning but not being able to actually speak with people (and thank you of course, I enjoy learning very much!)

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Good luck! I also have a goal of passing the N3 eventually, but for right now my goal is to take the N5 next December.

Here’s to accountability! :grin:


Good luck! I just took the N3 level a week ago and I was very nervous. The hardest part is waiting for the results, ugh! My best advice is to do many mock exams, read as many Japanese texts as you can (for example there is the App Todai which posts different Japanese newspaper articles with a built in translator and many options for furigana, kanji according to JLPT level, etc…) and the most surprising:
After having bought many books over the years, if I were to go back and only choose one single thing to learn Japanese, I would choose WaniKani. It was really the best investment I’ve ever made and it has helped me immensely to read faster, understand Japanese better and to increase my vocabulary.


Yo good luck preparing for the N3!

Just wanted to say that I think that’s definitely a realistic goal. I believe the jump from N5 to N3 is relatively small compared to the jump from say, N3→N2 or N2→N1, and if you are consistent during 2022 you’ll be just fine!

However, I started with the N3, so someone who actually took N5 and N4 might feel differently.

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Thanks! I want to push myself, but I didn’t want to be unrealistic. I’m glad you agree!

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Congrats Queen san :partying_face:


You will.

It is not weird :slight_smile:

Slow and steady progress and success awaits you every day :grin:

Good luck Queen san :crossed_fingers:

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