This is how I feel sometimes (just a whinge)

This is how I feel sometimes when I read the mnemonic explanation…

The mnemonic explanation goes something random like…“so you are standing in a rice paddy and looking at the sky. suddenly a condor flies over and s**ts on you. You wonder why he did and then a centaur walks by. He asks you why you are wearing a red shirt today. You say that the rest of the clothes are in the wash. The centaur says that the condor doesn’t like red. You also realize that you don’t remember why you are standing in the rice paddy when you are meant to be at work and already running late. You realise that its all a dream and you need to get back to your community. That is why this kanji is peers (or community)”

Now I feel better…back to the reviews


Hilarious :rofl:


Yeah, the mnemonic for the “cottage” radical used to read something along the lines of “there’s a hat… and earth… and a mouth… and together, they’re ‘cotttage’. Look, it’s a cottage, ok?”



To be fair they do have a lot of mnemonics to write so maybe some are better than others. The sheer humour of a lot of them really help me to remember though.


I can’t remember the last time I relied on a WK mnemonic. I always make my own since level 9 or so


Writing your own mnemonic is always going to be more effective because only you know what sort of associations your brain will create.

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Haha definitely have had that feeling as well…

Also I get bummed sometimes when the explanation of a word’s meaning starts with, “Okay, this doesn’t make sense…” but there’s actually a really simple and helpful etymology for the word.

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Lmao, this is fantastic. Thanks for the laugh!