This is a jukugo word that uses the on’yomi readings of the kanji. You should be able to read this on your own

One thing I really hate is how Wanikani is missing explanations for most of the items, even things that really need an explanation. For example, 90% of the reading mnemonics are just stuff like “this is just the onyomi readings, you should already know it”, even when the kanji in question have multiple onyomi readings and there’s no way to guess which it might be.

It’s so frustrating to keep missing reviews and look at the answer, only to see that there are no hints provided.



Yes I hate that also, even more when the kanji is 人。

WK is supposed to propose mnemonics. But in those cases typically there is no mnemonics. You have to invent one for yourself, or you are condemned to fail again and again those reviews.


the kanji () for vocab I always get confused because I never know when it is kunyomi or onyomi and the explanation doesnt help at all


While not much of a mnemonic, something that I’ve found helps me is turning the automatic audio on for reviews and saying the words out loud after the audio. By learning what “sounds right” for each word, I’m less prone to mixing up one reading with another. If you aren’t already, maybe give it a try!


i noticed as the levels went up the mneumonics got worse. ive come to terms with the fact that i need to make my own for a lot of words. even the ones they give for some words are bad

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Yep, on level 41 the mnemonic for the reading of うかが is “The name of the director is Ook Aga (うかが).”

Not even an established WK character, not even a fictional character.
Not a name used a single other time in all of WK.
They literally just tell you “The name of this director is うかが!”


Just to check, you are actually looking at the reading of the word, right? You don’t need to guess, just remember. Come up with your own mnemonic if need be.

I came here to post about this!!! I hate how you’ll get one word that will say “this uses a reading you didn’t learn, so here’s something to help you remember it”, and then you’ll learn a different word and it’ll say “this uses this reading, which you should already know”, or “you’ve learned this reading already”, except WK never taught that reading to me, so why should I know it? It’s straight up not true that I’ve learned that reading already. Why are you giving me a mnemonic for one word but not for another? There needs to be some consistency.

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