Third party Study App: Buna


I started WK not so long ago, and so far i really like it.
The main pain point for me was to study subjects easily. Flaming durdles is great because you can filter subjects by levels, type, and how soon the next review is. But typing on a phone is not ideal, i prefer using a keyboard.

I found Immersion Kit to add a lot of context and audio quiz helps a lot with memory for me.

For all those reasons and more i started a side project to help me study.

It’s really rough at the moment so i won’t publish it right away, but i wanted to know if anyone would be interested or have some feedback.

On the dashboard, you can see your recent mistakes and add them to a new quiz:

On the study view you can filter subjects and choose between a different types of quiz:

classic quiz (meaning and reading), audio quiz (meaning) and immersion kit :

there’s a result page at the end:

Let me know what you think!


Flaming Durtles has not been maintained for about a year. You might want to check out Smoldering Durtles which is a fork.

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It looks great so far.
When it’s published let me know, because I’ve been looking for something to review old levels.

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