The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!

Added Type Kana to Kana Learning Tools section
Recommended by @Yabba in the original thread.

Added JDIC Online Dictionary to Online Dictionaries section
Recommended by @polv

Added Goo to Online Dictionaries section
Recommended by @JustKidding

Wait, I recommend JDIC? I don’t, but it is definitely a great dictionary. I used to use it a lot in the past.

Added some of the Memrise courses. WaniKani reverse vocab and WaniKani expansion pack, also.

I really recommend Rabbit press’s Japanese Graded Reader. Full furigana, so you don’t even need to know the Kanji. However, the instruction says – do not use a dictionary.

Alright, I’ve done an expansion of the textbook section because I was finding it difficult and confusing. There are so many options, I thought it would make it easier to choose if they were categorised like this. If you disagree, feel free to revert the change or make your own categorisation. I am using ‘textbook’ here in the sense that what is being provided will build upon the knowledge that it teaches you from beginning to end.

  • Separated categories into online, paid online and physical textbooks.
  • Added links to physical textbooks.
  • Added 8020 Japanese recommended by @rfindley to Physical textbooks section
  • Added sci.lang.japan to Online textbooks section
  • Added Japanese for the Western Brain to Online textbooks section
  • Added An Introduction to Japanese to Online textbooks section
  • Added CosCom to Paid online textbooks section
  • Moved Kana learning tools section to the top.
  • Followed all links and updated the ones I could.

Added references section and moved some items that didn’t fit into the ‘textbook’ categories there.

  • Moved A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar here
  • Moved Basic Connections: Making Your Japanese Flow here

Added kanji section and moved items with the primary purpose of teaching you kanji there.

  • Moved WaniKani here
  • Moved KaniWani here
  • Moved Remembering the Kanji here.
  • Moved Kanji Damage here
  • Moved HouHou here
  • Added Kanji Clinic

Added Resource portals and Japanese learning and culture networks section

I hope I haven’t confused things. I was thinking of dividing the Kanji section, possibly to include individual application, speaking, reading and writing section. It didn’t seem appropriate. Maybe some else will want to do this.


Haha, whoops. I think you overwrote my changes. I checked twice before I committed the edit, because I knew someone else might be editing at the same time.

Sorry about that. There is no easy way to simply choose the older edit, is it? Plus I added a really minimal content, while undermining greater contents.

I had my changes saved in a document. I have included your content and committed the update again.

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Actually added Resource portals and Japanese learning and culture networks section

Moved Renshuu to Online textbooks section
Moved 123 Japanese to Online textbooks section
Moved Japanese from Zero! to Physical textbooks section

It looks like I forgot to actually make these changes in my last edit.

Added WaniKani community resources section

  • Moved KaniWani here
  • Moved WaniKani beyond Lv 60 here and formatted the links
  • Moved Fake Levels 61 - 70 or 無限 INFINITY here and updated disclaimer
  • Moved JLPT Vocabulary vs. WaniKani here
  • Moved WaniConjugation here
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Updated Textbooks section and added introduction.
Added Software section and moved Browser extensions, Android apps and Japanese learning games there.

Damn. Woke up and an additional 20 edits have been made. Looks great, though :ok_hand:

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Added some friendly introductions to certain sections to give context to the content. Feel free to change them.

Hope I didn’t overwrite your last edit, @Kumirei.

I was thinking of dividing some of the content in the lower half of the list to make it easier to follow. Japanese news, culture, audio, native Japanese exposure, YouTube, manga and audio courses could all catagorised under new separate categories Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading. I’m not sure if the content will fit as nicely as I am imagining, though.

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You didn’t. Either you fixed the same typo in your edit or you started after I committed.

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Sounds like a good idea to me, but it might be hard to make it work with the upper part of the post. If you divide it into those four categories then surely Lang-8 must be in speaking, Satori Reading in reading, Japanese Language And Culture Network in culture, and so on. That would lead to a breakdown of Japanese Practice And Online Services and Resource portals and Japanese learning and culture networks.
It’s definitely a good idea, but it might be hard to do it well.

This is so great

Can we incorporate resources for phonetics/pitch accent study too?

I went to edit the wiki and got terrified I would mess something up so here are my links:

Pitch accent course by Dogen (first episodes free, then paid)
Pitch accent course on Memrise
OJAD - Online Japanese Accent Dictionary


Looking great so far (I only scanned it but still).

Question… last time I checked Satori Reader had both free and paid content, is that not still the case? Cause if we use the money symbol, for stuff that offers both, we should put free/$ or something?

Except for sites and apps that have a mostly unnecessary paid option, like Memrise, I don’t think it’d be worth mentioning for things like that.


For Live Mocha, I get this…

Should we eliminate it or put (closed)?

Done, for you!

I find it a little hard to add content when it is too organized, too.

I can swear I messed @ryan2 up like millions of times, and sometimes others too.

Mark-up code is hard. Should I write in HTML format, or rather, should I just read more manual?

Adding content can be requested, don’t worry.

What about putting personal preference lists in the comment? – I plan to do this on “Monthly Progress”.


In the first update I made, I lied about checking all the links. I spent about five hours organising things, when I got to that in my checklist I just wanted to get out of the house.

I say removed it; the list is already overwhelming. If we keep all updates in the comments then we can preserve the links by including them in the change log.

Removed Live Mocha

[Edit] What was the special offer, @Shiawase? I just noticed that. Maybe it would be better to keep it, as an exception to the rule, if people are provided with a discount to Rosetta Stone.

Added “Japanese Only” to the Japanese Writing section (obviously)

Broke specific skills into Reading - Writing - Speaking - Listening, but I don’t know where to put “pitch accent”; don’t know how to create 3rd-order bullet.

Listening section is dropped away elsewhere.

Japanese Graded Readers by Rabbit Press can be classified as a textbook supplement, but probably more sensible to put them at “exposure”.

Added a kanji book I love, but idk if I put it in the right area…

I think we should have a kanji section under textbooks