The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!

I’d love to see the NINJAL-LWP dictionary added (I think it classifies as dictionary?). You can look up words and it tells you what particle the word is most commonly used with, what construction it comes up in most, what conjugation is the most common (when looking up verbs) and so on. And for all these it shows you the sentences where it got the construction from. I think they scan lots of blog posts and texts from other websites. It’s all in Japanese, but has been super useful for me so far!

When checking if someone had proposed it before, I found a post talking about this website where you can check for compound verbs, their meaning, and examples. You can also only look up compound verbs with only one of the parts.


Thanks you!

I found this site, you can find Japanese Subtitles for animes. I tried it only with one anime and it worked, but idk for other animes.

Hi! I created a free iOS app for reading short-form Japanese texts called Manabi Reader:

It has a one-touch popup dictionary so you can look up words and readings as you read. It also collects feeds of interesting reading material for you, including news, blogs, and a Japanese subreddit category.

Tofugu features it recently in their November resources writeup. Would love to see it added to this list as it has been taking off lately and people have been giving great feedback generally about it helping them. Please let me know if you have any feedback yourselves as I’m actively working on improving it. Thanks.


I just wanted to check this thread and see if Manabi Reader had already been included somewhere :grinning:

It really is a nice resource and very useful since I‘m trying hard to switch more of my waste of time habits to at least be a waste of time in Japanese.

I added it to the reading resources thread last week ^^ think I discovered it through that Tofugu feature, actually. I’m gonna be creating a whole section for online readers as soon as I get the time.

Added some youtube channels, hope that’s OK! :slight_smile:

Feel free to tell me if not. xD


No one owns this list. Add whatever you feel appropriate ukKr5

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Perfect! :japanese_goblin:


Added Beelinguapp and TangoRisto to the Android apps. (Also available for iOS as far as I know.) These are apps for reading and listening exercise, also good to train speaking by repeating the native audio. I use and enjoy them both, so I thought I should recommend them.

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I do not know which category is because they have different types of content but I would recommend

There are street signs to read, random vocabulary generator to learn, JLPT compilations, Japanese learning resources compilation(resourception) :smiley:

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Added Charles Kelly’s Online Japanese Language Study Materials to Resource portals section per @Benedek’s suggestion

Expanded mobile apps section into device categories

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Added the Kanji Code to the Kanji section as from Tofugu’s Japanese Learning Resources: March 2019

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Hello y’all. So I’ve been practising my listening using an app by ALCO. Usually I’d listen to grammar explanations on YouTube or download a playlist but since I didn’t want to be using so much data each time (or buy all JLPT texts just for listening practice), I’d searched and came upon this app.

Unfortunately, you’d have to sign up (basic stuff like email but free of charge) because files can’t be downloaded without signing in to the app.
After downloading files though, the app will keep asking you to sign in but you don’t have to, as long as your desired file has already been downloaded from the center. The whole thing is in Japanese but I cannot say that it’s very difficult :no_mouth::sweat_smile: .

Perhaps you could download the audio onto your computer but I haven’t tried it so I can’t say but I do believe they say the files would then be in the form of zip files.

The main thing though is the download center where one can get the audio files for books like Kikutan JLPT N3, 日本語能力試験スーパー模試, 耳から覚える and パターン別徹底 (these are the ones that I use). Just in case anyone wanted additional JLPT listening stuff. :relaxed: does awkward ojigi

PS: I’m not sure what else I should mention :sob::see_no_evil:

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Why did you erase your topic? I feel it has more visibility than just posting here :thinking:

I thought it was inappropriate since there’s already a main list :sob:

I would make the thread and then add something to the main list :thinking: it’s easier too have a conversation about that specific resource that way.

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Ok I’ll do so. Thanks!


Not sure where to place it or if I should place it at all since you say in the intro that the only resources included here that are not free are loved by a lot of people here, but I just bought this and i think it’s pretty awesome. It’s some japanese stories with audio at normal or slow speed, each coming with an “only japanese” version, a version with a translation and explanation for each word and grammar point, and an english translation if you need it

Added the Etymological Dictionary of Han/Chinese Characters by By Lawrence J. Howell. Similar to Kanji portrait, but I find it a bit easier to navigate.