The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!


Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but Rikaichan and Kitsune no longer work with Firefox Quantum. So if you updated to the new Firefox, it will no longer work.


Hi everyone,
I have a resource I would like to share with the community. It’s a Japanese calendar converter which converts, at a glance, between the western (Gregorian) calendar and the traditional Japanese calendar still in use for official purposes in Japan today. I made it myself so there are no copyright issues etc to worry about.

If it is of interest to the community, could someone let me know how I can share it in the resources page?
Here is a link to it, so you can see if it is useful to the community:

Imperial Japanese calendar converter



Wow this list is awesome.
Can’t wait to start to tackle all of this while learning!


I’m a big fan of what I’ve read of the Nihongo Sou Matome series.
I just finished the N5 book and I’m up to the N4 books now.
It’s very cute and well structured, however, they are quite short compared to Genki and Minna no Nihongo, so I doubt there’s enough content to just pass the JLPT with them online. (However, the ones for N3-N1 have five books each while N5 only has one and N4 only has two).

However, I’m really enjoying using them to prepare for the N4 for this year (along with Genki, MnN, Memrise, Duolingo, WaniKani…etc).

I find the tests really useful too.


Perhaps someone already has posted about this, but is a good resource for helping to read physical books. One of the worst parts of reading Japanese books for me was looking up the Kanji I didn’t know, but the picture translation feature on the app works really well (you have to freeze the image so your hand shaking doesn’t cause issues) so you don’t have to type in the Kanji or look it up. Also works for both vertical and horizontal writing.

Downside is it costs money; like $9 USD.

EDIT: Oh, and it doesn’t require an internet connection which is also a huge advantage


Hey guys, I‘m missing „JALUP“ (Japanese level up) on this list.
They guy who created that page offers Anki decks, with cards for Grammar, Vocabs and Kanji. They are really great to learn japanese in general. The decks aren‘t free but the first cards can be used for free.

Right now he offers his decks for Anki, created an ios and Andoird app with all his cards and also has an online srs system for his cards. So yeah, plenty of opportunities to test the concept behind his cards for free before deciding to pay for them. i personally use his Beginners Anki deck, but the ios app is pretty great. He even have a voice recognition build in to practice conversations. So yeah.

This should be added to this list I think


Then by all means, add it. You’re a member, so you can edit the wiki


Well, didnt realise its an editable post XD sorry

Edit: But i‘m not really sure under which point this should be added :thinking:


I think the ideas behind an online textbook are changing slowly, better for the web, etc. Koichi mentions this in his article on why EtoEto hasn’t been released.

I guess put it under Textbooks and Grammar > Paid online, though if more better and interesting online textbooks and grammar stuff are released maybe we should create a new category.



  • TextFugu in Paid online textbooks section to the bottom of the list—from the top.
  • from Software section to Online textbooks section.
  • LingoDeer in Online textbooks section higher up the list.

Updated introductory text:

The following is a list of Japanese resources that the community has worked hard to gather together and is consistently being updated.

The following is a list of Japanese resources gathered by the WaniKani community. This is a collaborative wiki post that anyone can edit, if there’s a resource you feel is missing from the list, please add it.


This is a very comprehensive list. Thanks for taking the time to put this all together. There are a lot of good resources that I’ve never heard of


I stumbled upon this youtube channel which has a bunch of N5-N3 listening resources. It also has a few movies, a series of videos titled “1800 sentences for everyday use” and some shadowing videos. I didn’t already see it on the list, but I feel like it would make a good addition if it’s not already on there.


Thanks for the suggestion @Leon-Sot!

With the addition of this channel—NHK World—there are at least 4 YouTube channels that teach grammar, among other things. It should probably be recategorised, as they’re clearly not just Listening resources—though it doesn’t seem right to move them to the Textbooks and Grammar section. So anyway, I’m not exactly sure where to put them at the moment, but if anyone has any better ideas go ahead—or if you don’t think it’s necessary, that’s alright too.


I’d love to see the NINJAL-LWP dictionary added (I think it classifies as dictionary?). You can look up words and it tells you what particle the word is most commonly used with, what construction it comes up in most, what conjugation is the most common (when looking up verbs) and so on. And for all these it shows you the sentences where it got the construction from. I think they scan lots of blog posts and texts from other websites. It’s all in Japanese, but has been super useful for me so far!

When checking if someone had proposed it before, I found a post talking about this website where you can check for compound verbs, their meaning, and examples. You can also only look up compound verbs with only one of the parts.


Thanks you!


I found this site, you can find Japanese Subtitles for animes. I tried it only with one anime and it worked, but idk for other animes.


Hi! I created a free iOS app for reading short-form Japanese texts called Manabi Reader:

It has a one-touch popup dictionary so you can look up words and readings as you read. It also collects feeds of interesting reading material for you, including news, blogs, and a Japanese subreddit category.

Tofugu features it recently in their November resources writeup. Would love to see it added to this list as it has been taking off lately and people have been giving great feedback generally about it helping them. Please let me know if you have any feedback yourselves as I’m actively working on improving it. Thanks.


I just wanted to check this thread and see if Manabi Reader had already been included somewhere :grinning:

It really is a nice resource and very useful since I‘m trying hard to switch more of my waste of time habits to at least be a waste of time in Japanese.


I added it to the reading resources thread last week ^^ think I discovered it through that Tofugu feature, actually. I’m gonna be creating a whole section for online readers as soon as I get the time.


Added some youtube channels, hope that’s OK! :slight_smile:

Feel free to tell me if not. xD