The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!

Alright, I’ve done an expansion of the textbook section because I was finding it difficult and confusing. There are so many options, I thought it would make it easier to choose if they were categorised like this. If you disagree, feel free to revert the change or make your own categorisation. I am using ‘textbook’ here in the sense that what is being provided will build upon the knowledge that it teaches you from beginning to end.

  • Separated categories into online, paid online and physical textbooks.
  • Added links to physical textbooks.
  • Added 8020 Japanese recommended by @rfindley to Physical textbooks section
  • Added sci.lang.japan to Online textbooks section
  • Added Japanese for the Western Brain to Online textbooks section
  • Added An Introduction to Japanese to Online textbooks section
  • Added CosCom to Paid online textbooks section
  • Moved Kana learning tools section to the top.
  • Followed all links and updated the ones I could.

Added references section and moved some items that didn’t fit into the ‘textbook’ categories there.

  • Moved A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar here
  • Moved Basic Connections: Making Your Japanese Flow here

Added kanji section and moved items with the primary purpose of teaching you kanji there.

  • Moved WaniKani here
  • Moved KaniWani here
  • Moved Remembering the Kanji here.
  • Moved Kanji Damage here
  • Moved HouHou here
  • Added Kanji Clinic

Added Resource portals and Japanese learning and culture networks section

I hope I haven’t confused things. I was thinking of dividing the Kanji section, possibly to include individual application, speaking, reading and writing section. It didn’t seem appropriate. Maybe some else will want to do this.