The three rules in the onboarding guide

It’s difficult for me to give an actual opinion, as even Kanji-wise, as I do more than WaniKani’s quizzing system. So, I’ll throw in my two cents here.

  • “Do your reviews first” is easily the most accurate thing. However, on the best amount of reviews (without overwhelming yourself), I would say - it is decided by 1. accuracy 2. time taken
    • Time taken depends, as I can tolerate over an hour of reviews in the past; but 30 minutes would be reasonable.
  • If your accuracy falls, it is best to reduce number of reviews. Don’t force yourself to do more reviews despite failing.
    • “Providing too many incorrect answers” may conflict with “No shame in wrong answers”. Actually, you should have shame, and learn well, that is, the failing or leeches are also counted as your still-count-as-lessons.
    • It can also be said, be aware of what are your Apprentice pile. Be proactive before they become leeches.
  • Be strict. When in doubt, mark as wrong.
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