The Psychology of Leeches

Yeah, the same thing happened to me around that level:

I managed to claw my way back but it was pretty tough, but I think that the experience also helped me figure out how to stick with WK for the long term.

Not sure how you mean. Could you elaborate?

Yeah, that’s a lot. :slight_smile: But if it’s working for you then go for it. :wink:

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I do not ever want to reach the end of a review session by clearing it out.
That does not feel good.
I not have a fixed schedule for doing reviews in part because of irregular working hours.
It can be anything from not doing reviews for 2 days straight to doing 600 items over 4 sessions in 12 hours.
At first i tried the advice thats always given of keeping apprentice around 100. But no.
At that small an amount i constantly run out of reviews which means i cant do sessions whenever i want.

Im not hitting a wall. This isnt me looking at a big number of reviews and falling into despair.
Simply didnt open WK. Just like you can only play the same videogame so many weeks in a row.

This was my longest break yet. But it was already the third one.
Coming back after 4 months, still bringing 50% in the first few reviews and burning several items every session is more than enough “stick long-term” experience.

Ah, I see. Cool.

That’s an interesting way of doing it.

If you’ve found a way that works for you, then that’s great. :smiley::+1:

I would argue the exact opposite. WaniKani often puts realtively similar Kanji and/or Vocab in one level (another example would be 23 with three Kanji for “judge”) and I think this is how you can easily differentiate them. If you’d give me “honor” and ten levels later the oh so similar “glory” I would be sure to confuse them, as “honor” has already become an Enlightened item that I’d only recognize unconsciously. I would learn the two words but I wouldn’t learn to separate them.
But since WK teaches you the two at the same time it forces you to not only learn them, but also to be aware of their similarity and find a way to distinguish them.

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